Laugh at yourself



Cyclists: (my personal favorite)

So, a few weeks ago I got this youtube link that has gone viral in the triathlete community…. and then of course there is a running version, a cycling version… ..and you guessed it –   “Sh*t wives say”, “Sh*t anybody says”, and of course “Sh*t nobody says”…. hundreds more – I mean where does it end?  There has been talk about starting a “Sh*t people say who live in the South Bay”.  It’s pretty funny.   I wanted to see if non-triathletes saw any humor in it, and, sure enough, my sister thought it was hilarious.  Then she asked me how many things I have said from the video.  “Ha! NONE” I responded quickly…. then… “I don’t think any”… then I got to thinking…. (as my husband chuckled in the background)… maybe I should watch it again.

OK. So I will admit I counted 5.  And, let me tell you, I will think twice before saying any of them again.  Now, of course some of them are warranted (ha! here I go already in denial)… But here is my “result”:
1)  “Have you tried TRX yet?” –   I TEACH TRX I should be saying that (right? right?).
2)  “I think I need a massage” –   Again, warranted? Who doesn’t say that?
3)  “Cycling is my weak sport” (when asked – ONLY when asked)
4)  And just recently, while trying to decide what races to do in 2012 I’ve been caught saying “that race is sold out” numerous times.  They ARE sold out.
5)  Finally, because it is my “off season”, I am “developing a base”.  Say no more.

It’s still funny.  It could be even better because most of will read it and be in denial.  I say embrace it.  I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can?  Even if you don’t think these are funny, I guarantee one out there will resinate with you.

OK, I will go back to wearing my compression socks now.


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