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Ok so as you can see I’m not very good at this whole updating my blog thing. The truth is, I have never really been a huge fan of “blogging”.   Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE reading GOOD blogs.  Some of them are crazy addicting.  But – me – writing the blogs?  Yeah, not so much.

You see, if someone could “blog” what I am thinking during a bike ride, or a run – (or a playdate ha ha) now that would be cool.  My thoughts are pretty informative during the time of sweat and pain.   I always create these little stories in my head during long runs or bike rides… But, as most things, as soon as I walk in the door that utterly interesting “story” escapes me.   Just the other day I was running with a friend and we felt like we solved the worlds problems.  I am talking some good quality conversations.  (you would’ve loved it ha ha)  When we finished we couldn’t remember where our cars were, much less anything we talked about.

Just the other day I had a few people from my spinning class come up to me and said “I love reading your blog”.   Well, ok then!  Heck, if it makes ME feel better and at least two other people — that’s enough 🙂  So, I will keep writing.  Not sure about what.  I don’t feel it necessary for me to write about my workouts (boring) or what I eat during workouts (boring) or ….. blah blah….   then again….. what is boring to one person could be absolutely amazing to another! Right?

Anyways, my point being is this isn’t exactly about the “life of jen”.  But at this moment in my life I have found a lot of comfort in writing.  I hope it is interesting, and just know if I go from a story about my childhood to “why do our feet go numb while riding” then just work with me.  I am trying to write about topics of interest to people who are reading this (THANK YOU BTW).   So, keep giving me a shout out.  Keep me going.  You help me.  I help you.

Till next time! (could be days, could be weeks…..)


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