Get the kids involved in something

“Get your kids involved in something”. This was one (of three) pieces of parenting advice my father gave my friends and I the night after Worlds last November.

I was a swimmer. He added to his advice “they may find something you may not like”. Not sure if that was directed at me or not – I can’t imagine it was – except for the fact that he did wake up at 4:45am to take me to swimming in my younger years… and my parents were notorious for being at EVERY swim meet (even the ones that were ALL weekend long, 8 hours a day)….. and not to mention the travel involved…. Just last summer during my son’s (extremely long) first swim meet, I called my parents and said “paybacks are a bitch, eh?”. They laughed, probably thinking “yeah!! no sh*t!!”

My father liked the swimming part. And I can only believe he loved watching me. Always supportive beyond belief.

It was my father who motivated me to create He was always perfect in his verbiage — not saying “why are you wasting your time?” or “get that website up – what’s the hold up?”. He would simply say — “How’s coming along?” (when clearly it wasn’t). He would always say things in a very subtle way during conversation. It was just enough “push” to move me along. So, with the help of my sister (A LOT OF HELP!!! THANKS SIS!!) – Climbfitness went live. It’s a damn good thing I got it up and running in the timeframe I did – for one reason – so he could see it. Not that it’s this grandiose website with 10,000 hits a day or anything, but it is the start to what I have been talking about for… well…. let’s just say years. Lots of years.

And he got to see it. Of course I wish it was better, I wish he got to see more, I wish he could read every race report in my future years of racing, I wish I wish I wish.

No regrets. Just hope and love.

So, like a lot of things my father taught me, I will try my best to pass this on to my kids. As parents, we are the best influence they have.

To all you dads out there reading, Happy Father’s Day. Give yourself the credit you deserve for doing a heck of a job. There is no question I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my dad’s guidance.

To all those with dads, give them a big hug and tell them you love them.

Thanks dad. Happy Father’s Day with all my heart. xoxo

Here is a picture of me and my father at one of my first triathlons (1992 – SCARY!!). He was always there for me (regardless of this BAD 90’s look I had – ha ha)



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