Action/execution is everything

We are less than 2 weeks away from Vineman 70.3!!  I say WE because YOU have been there to support me over the past few months (heck, some of you for years now).  If you have kept up with my blog ( you know the battles I have had in recent months.  This road of training and trying to persevere hasn’t been a normal one.  I will take the WINS (record setting $4,200 already raised) and celebrate them.    Regardless of the results next weekend, I feel like – in a way – I have already won.   Simply training for this race has helped me realize so much – not only about me, but about the sport, about hardships, and empathy.  And that’s just the surface.

Everyone has been so generous it is overwhelming.  Thank you. Thank you.
I will leave you with a few “business laws” from my dad:
  •  “You never really know the result of an alternative” 
  • “Analysis is one thing, but action/execution is everything”
I doubted whether I even wanted to do this race after my father passed away but I already know my decision was better than the alternative (bailing out).  I have put in as much training effort / time as my body and mind could give me.  Now it’s time to execute. Let’s hope dad is right!! (he usually is)

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