As I sit here on an American Airlines plane waiting for them to sort out the air conditioner (pilots creating fake reasons to ground planes routine maintenance issues) it gave me a bit of time to reflect.  I am not sure everything happens for a reason but at this moment I really don’t want to be grounded on an airplane.  I’d rather either A) be at home with my family, or B) be with my mom, sis and bro (as intended) – or at least in route to one of those things!  I hate wasting time and I am slowly figuring out what makes me impatient.  But – here I sit – trying to remember to “practice what you preach”.  I am constantly telling people to have patience. (Reminds me of a song I listened to growing up “have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry… When you get. Impatient. You only start to worry….” Etc)

I have always felt  like I am a fairly patient person. Now I’m beginning to find it more situational. My dad was probably the most patient man in the world and I tend to believe I am a lot like my dad. But lately – maybe it’s true – I have lost a bit of it?   I think patience is sooo important in life – in dealing with your kids, husband, work issues, workouts, but most of all the unknowns. Be prepared for anything right? So as I sit here and start to become extremely frustrated I take in a deep breath and refocus on something I can do during this unlimited amount of time I now have…

So. I will be more patient. I will sit here and blog away, even if the information is mindless. I will read the new book I just purchased, or listen to great music.  I will remain “busy in a productive kid of way”. I will let the guy sitting next to me go to the bathroom for the fourth time in 90 minutes without rolling my eyes. I will smile at the flight attendant even though I think she was a part of the delayed “scam”. And when I get off the plane, I will tell the pilot thank you because I arrived safely.

Because in the whole scheme of things – is it really a big deal? Nope!

I can’t lose that great quality my father taught so well – the virtue of patience.


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