What would ____ do?

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.
– unknown

So often in life we look to others for guidance, support, and encouragement.  I have not only looked to others these past few months, but I have nearly depended on it.   yes, I can surely make decisions on my own. Not always the best ones, but I can make them.  Lately I have started thinking about “what would ____ do?” (fill in the blanks).  Let’s say you have a dilemma and don’t feel like asking something for one reason or another – could simply be because either it is a very petty ridiculous decision (what do I wear tonight) or you just don’t feel like talking about it (how can I mend a broken heart).  How often have you actually asked someone if you should “sleep in or workout in the morning?”.  You think about it, yes. But do you actually pick up the phone and call your friend and say “Hey Samantha, I am just laying here in bed wondering if I should sleep in tomorrow or get up early to workout”.  Rare.  Instead you think about how you will feel after you make that decision and how it will impact your life – assuming positively.

I  made the decision to ‘minimize’ my 2012 season (ha! isn’t minimize a great word!).  I skipped Nationals, out of town for Malibu Tri, and was sadly out of town for my favorite local tri.   I completed Vineman 1/2 Ironman in a very strange, shaken up state of mind and while it did motivate me to get out there, there continues to be road blocks that inhibit me weekend to weekend.

But – guess what folks – that’s ok! This year isn’t quite going my way – lets be honest – so I have decided to just take it all in stride. When I got back from Vineman summer took a new meaning.  We slept in, kids had big breakfasts and cuddled on the couch, I went out of town on weekends, went to Dallas to visit my family, visited family in Chicago, played, slept in….


My mom called the other day and asked me if I went swimming this morning. “Nah… felt like sleeping in”.  And her response? “Good for you Jen.”  She knows I can read my body. She knows I will be back to my fighting self soon.

So, where as some days I lack that personal motivation (and clearly decision making skills) I lately have been playing the “what would _____ do” game. It goes something like this…

  • Do I go directly to home depot NOW to pick up the piece we need for the kids wood project? What would Dad do
  • Should I play or clean up my room? What would my son do
  • Can I help someone today? What would Elizabeth do
  • Do I hang with my girlfriends today? What would Mom do
  • Should I eat this? What would Robin do
  • Should I cycle up that hill-that-makes-you-want-to-vomit? What would Eric do
  • Should I hit the snooze button? What would Mary do
  • Do I get it done now or wait until tomorrow? What would Brian do
  • And on and on and on.

You find someone who will answer your question the best way – which may not be your favorite answer – but you know ‘deep down’ the right one.

I am constantly inspired by family and friends. I encourage you to reach out when you need it the most. Do your best to find THAT person who can answer THAT question (your version of what would — do) in a positive manner.

I hope I am that person to someone out there.



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  1. How many people have asked you when you wonder what they would do? I would definitely suggest Sleep, eat, clean and Home Depot. 🙂 another good entry!

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