Happy New Year!

Summer is officially over…

It was two weeks ago that I got motivated. I wanted to sweat more, train harder, race faster. Not that I wasn’t truly motivated the past few months (aka summer) but.. you know how it goes…. you start really enjoying the relaxing months of not having a schedule. You sleep in, you drink wine, you skip laundry, you spend hours testing new recipes, and you hang with the kiddos nonstop. All of this good – please take note – I am not condemning that! That, my friends – is loving living!

Its just, well, now I feel like MORE! Fortunately, I want to add in some workouts to my somewhat restful existing life (ha!). I want to sweat again, to feel the burn, and to recapture what I have been longing for….

Back to that first sentence. I suppose I didn’t “GET” motivated this week. I just changed gears. I am always motivated by something / for something. I was motivated to write this! I was motivated to get out of bed today! I was motivated to sign up for a race! The list goes on and one. Those may seem like minuet little things but I think deep down everyone is motivated at some point throughout the day. Lets think for a second about the word motivation. What exactly does it mean? And – more importantly – what does it mean to you?

Most might align it with excelling at something – whether it be at your job, working out, eating well, or wanting to do something special with your family. It is literally having the desire to do something. To my earlier point – everyone is motivated. There, of course, can be extremes to that motivation, i.e. “I am motivated to simply wash my hair today” or “I am going to run 40 miles today”. You get the point. Don’t ever let lack of motivation get the best of you! Ever!

Hate to remind everyone, but summer is officially over. Its time to start setting new goals. I feel like in a sense it is January 1st. A time to set resolutions, or follow up on existing ones… year is half way over. Are you where you want to be? Did you commit to your goals? Did something stand in your way? What is going to MOTIVATE you to keep going?

I like lists and I think you should start liking them to. I think its important to see where you were months back, where you are now, and what is inspiring you to move forward.

I was in a yoga class last week and she said something very interesting (this particular teacher not only has some great wisdom she also has impecable timing in her thoughts). She said that October can be a time for purging. Not the throw up and diet purge – but rather the “cleanse your life” purge. Realigning with your life and getting on track. It is a time for transformation and change. Alter focus.

All those things are just a beginning…. find something that isn’t making you feel right, isn’t making you feel yourself, and change it. It might be painful, but in the end worthwhile.

Happy “New Year”.

Thanks for reading.


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