Do small things with great love

GrandmaI lost my dear Grandmother recently. Quite appropriately, she waited until after Thanksgiving – we wanted to tell her one more time how grateful we are for her and how much we truly are thankful she was a part of our lives. I know everyone probably thinks their grandmother “hung the moon” but I especially do. She was a bright, loving, amazing woman. She had a strong belief in faith and could teach you a lot in a short time.

She certainly taught me a lot and now it’s time to pass it on…..

1) Love your family. It’s “the only one you got”.
2) Eat from the farm. Even if that means pies daily (especially for breakfast!) they were made from the freshest farm ingredients (strawberry rhubarb comes to mind).
3) Get married. Love makes the world go around. After college, she would ask me “what are you waiting for? Not getting any younger after all!”
4) Have kids. After getting married, she would ask me “what are you waiting for? Not getting any younger after all!”
5) See the doctor regularly. By the “doctor”, she meant Dr McGillicuddy. (Peppermint schnapps every night.)
6) Wake up with the chickens.
7) If you want to play hide n seek in a cornfield maze, make sure you have enough daylight to get out.
8) Playing card games with your family deep into the evening hours is worth every bit of being tired.
9) Spend time in your garden. She did until she was 92 years old. Impressive!! (especially seeing how I can’t garden at half that age)
10) Love your life. “It’s the only one you got”.

If you take anything away from this (I always hope you take something!) take one thing. Her motto – “Do small things with great love”.

I will miss my grandma dearly. She was a giver no doubt about it and the farm had so many wonderful things to offer a child (and adult!). There is nothing like having a cornfield to run through, teaching baby ducklings to walk in a line (funny my sister and I actually thought we taught them this), drinking “pop” at the hatchery, running around in a large basement with all the cousins, launching rockets, riding 3 wheelers, climbing in chicken coops, collecting eggs, picking black raspberries (yes, they do exist) from the garden, watching the trains go by from our secret fort, and I could go on and on and on.

I am grateful my kids got the chance to meet her and got a glimpse of the farm the past few years. They love that farm and admire their great grandmother. I’m hoping they will always remember her and what an impact she had on my life. I know I – for one – will never forget.

This farm my grandmother grew up in was a place these great memories but also of so much history. It’s (in the town) where my mother was born. It was where my mother met my father. And it was also where my husband asked my father for my hand in marriage. He knew how much it meant to all of us. Now with my father and grandmother gone, the significance only increases.

Forever in gratitude Grandma,

Rest in peace.


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