Year of …… ???

No RegretsThis morning I went on a bike ride. I had exhausted my list of the very few people who can ride at 8am so looked like it was just me and the road… Of course that allowed me more time to be very slow in getting ready (tends to happen when I am on my own). It’s that I want to talk myself out of it or something? Why would I want to talk myself out of a 2 hour bike ride you ask?! Cuz that’s what we do. Anyway, I needed the ride, I knew I would feel better, so that I did. Now let me start by saying when I am alone my mind goes a little wacky. It is like it (my brain) just starts up or something the minute I jump on my bike. I need to figure out a way to bottle that up. 😉 I started thinking about this time last year and all of a sudden this ride seemed so insignificant. This exact day, 365 days ago, I was writing my father’s eulogy.

How fast a year goes by. Or how slow? I can’t decide which it has been for me. Fast in terms of your life passing you by and all the beauty of my family and friends surrounding me. Everything you want to do (and so much more) and so little time to do it. Slow in terms of – wow, how am I going to get through this day, month, year, without the opportunity to speak with my dad.

I can remember precisely what I was doing, how I was feeling, a year ago this week. I remember things vividly.

I couldn’t tell you what happened April – December of 2012 but I can remember the day my father died like it was yesterday.

I don’t want to get too emotional or “deep” today but I did want to remind you of a few of my father’s life “mantras”. Read them and live by them, you will be a better person for it. I know he was.

  1. Play with the kids while they want to play with you, time passes quickly.
  2. Get them involved in something to the extent you can influence it; they will find something that you may not like.
  3. Get to know their friends, include them in family activities in genuine ways. You’ve ‘won the battle’ if their friends say “your folks are really neat!”
  4. Make it a great day.
  5. You are only 5 minutes from the road to home.

and… of course, the best of them all….

6.  Love and live with no regrets.

This year I have loved more than ever before. They say things change when you lose someone you love, which is so true. I also realize how much deeper I have loved.

I have loved and lived with no regrets.


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