From one Aries to another

Today is dads birthday.

I wanted to stay in bed this morning (easy way out) but dad wouldn’t have had it that way.  I can remember him taking me to swim practice during my early years at 5am Monday through Friday. When I was able to drive, he would still wake up with me and do his exercises in the family room while watching his favorite car show. When I lived in Dallas (post college) he would wake up early to meet me at races.  He certainly didn’t sit around and watch the world go by.  He would always wake up early even if forced with a tough day.

So I went on a run.  Running helps clear the mind, and clean the soul. It is my “outlet”. Today meant more, and clearly I found what I “needed” ….. While I was running along the woodchip trail (and when I needed a little bit of motivation)  a good friend drove by and shouted out the window “get after it Jen”. My pace picked up about 45 seconds. And I smiled.

Then, I stopped to do some squat jumps on a bench (why not right?) and during a break a guy ran by me and said “keep going – don’t lose focus”. He didn’t know me, but he helped me keep moving.

As I continued another lady said “impressive”. I am telling you I don’t make this stuff up!  My point is, there is a lot of love out there.  A lot of positive, and a lot of people out there wanting to help, wanting to inspire, and wanting GOOD in this world. Sometimes you have to go out and look for it, but most often it is there.

Look for it. Or make someone’s day.

Speaking of love, and birthdays, I celebrated a milestone one last weekend.  And, let’s just say I “felt the love”.   Even during Spring Break, Easter, kids, busy lives, etc. my husband and best friends managed to organize an incredible celebration.  They made my world – for at least that particular moment – perfect. I opened my heart and let myself appreciate all this goodness.  Let’s  just say it turned out to be the perfect ending to a incredibly difficult month.  You know who you are – thank you!!!!

Back to today.   April 5th.  May we always celebrate this day and this very very special man.

Back to my anchovies, bourbon, and chocolate fudge pudding.

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