ITU Olympic Triathlon Results

This past weekend I raced the ITU Olympic Distance Triathlon down in San Diego. I don’t have pages to write (lucky for you!), because, quite frankly, it just wasn’t that exciting to write about! But it was a good reminder that no matter what the outcome is of racing – good or bad – you always benefit from your day. So, keeping it short this time, here are my learnings (so called abbreviated LOTD – Learnings Of The Day):

1) I had a great swim. I was 3.5 minutes faster than last year and first out of the water. I had a good pace going, didn’t feel like a struggle, and actually was fun getting out in front. LOTD: Sometimes it is worth elbowing your way to the front of the swim start if you are confident in your swimming ability (nicely, of course)
2) For some reason, I had this relaxed mentality about my transitions this time. I struggled getting my wetsuit off, I put on socks (something about still feeling like I was in San Francisco?), I fumbled. ALOT. Then I ran outta there bike in hand for a long long way until I get passed the dismount line. LOTD: Relax, but always be quick. Sometimes, transitions are where you can make up the most time.
3) LOTD: Biking a flat fast course is harder than a hilly course. Come prepared.
4) LOTD: Some people just don’t pay attention to the “slow down. sharp turn ahead” signs. BE CAUTIOUS at all times.
5) I caught up with a woman in my age group toward the end of the last mile and couldn’t decide if I had it in me to pass her. I wanted it, but didn’t feel it. Turned out, I dug deep and finished last bit of run under 6:30 pace. LOTD: Might have had more in me?
6) LOTD: The 40+ year old age division is a lot faster than 35-39!

We all know San Diego is a gorgeous place. It was a well run event, great volunteers, and tough competitors. I was pleased with my 4th place age group finish, and 19th overall female finish.

Thanks for your never ending support and love!!!!

Next Stop: KONA!!!!


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