Happy Father’s Day!

PlayI know, I know. You hear it everywhere.

“They grow up too quick” or  “I remember when my kids were that young” or  “Play with them while they enjoy you”

You listen and you try so hard. You play with them. You read to them. You love them unconditionally, yet sometimes want to soak in a bath and forgot that you ever had them (very rare. very rare).

“Play with your kids, while they want to play with you. Time passes quickly.” – Dick Klaas (aka. My Dad)

I know I’ve said this before, but my dad was a pretty cool guy. I didn’t know this was one of “his quotes” until he said it one night at a dinner (2011) with my closest friends. He never even “preached” for me to live this with my own family. It just happened, and that is the best way. I think about my childhood and how often he played with me. How often he lived his motto. How often he sat down and helped me create the ‘perfect living room’ in my dollhouse. How he let me jump in bed with him on a Sunday morning to read the morning comics. How he read whatever book I chose, even if it was the same one over and over and over again. How we would play my favorite card game for hours on end.

I don’t feel like I ever didn’t want to play with him…. even as I got older, we moved into playing “real” card games, we played sports together, and we just hung out together. Now don’t get me wrong I am sure there were days he looked at his youngest daughter thinking how fast she has grown up, how he wants those moments back, and how he didn’t want to “let me go”. Or at least I imagine he did….

It’s ironic really… 4 short months after he told me his “rules of parenthood” (this being one of them), I lost him to Multiple Myeloma. We all learned that “time passes quickly”.

This week is one of those weeks that I truly enjoyed every moment I shared with my children… their giggles, the way they wanted to cuddle with me, the excitement in their eye when I chased them around the front yard, their cute little drawings, watching them in their classrooms, their crazy questions…. it’s all just… so darn cute.

So, on Father’s Day, and with summer break quickly approaching… I ask you one thing. Play with your kids. Enjoy them. Put your housework aside, phones away, and sit on the floor and play with them. Don’t focus on “when is summer over” but rather “how much fun are we going to have today”. Get out and do things! Make it fun! Enjoy! Celebrate!

To all you father’s out there, Happy Father’s Day. You have one heck of an important job!

A special thank you to my husband, who does this “job” with all his heart and keeps our family a “well oiled machine”. To us, you are absolutely perfect.


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