Love your body and what it can do for you.


I’ve always been proud of the balance I have in my life… How I don’t get “too crazy” and at most times, while I may feel like I lead separate lives (one on the bike one as a wife/mom/etc.), I feel like I “switch gears” as…well…good as can be.

I had a hard month of training after Honu 70.3 – mainly because of my qualification into the Kona ironman. No, I am not complaining! Just means with only 3 1/2 months to an Ironman you need to get ON IT quickly. Yikes. Fortunately I’ve had a fairly decent base going, but thru injuries and the like, my training hasn’t been near where I have wanted it to until recently. With seven weeks to go, that is a good good thing. Maybe it is the Ironman motivation. I can’t go to Kona and not represent! This is a chance of a lifetime!! I know, that sounds dramatic and over the top to most, but let’s just assume for the moment there are hundreds of “chances of a lifetime” to take advantage of…..

This… Is…. One of mine. So, point being, I gotta work hard. But not only that, I need to be smart. Smart enough to take care of my body. Eat right. Train smart. Do corrective training. Sleep. Sleep. etc. etc.

The countdown is on. But I am (getting) ready. You can do anything for a few months right? And having this gorgeous light at the end fulfilling a dream will make it that much more enjoyable. Or painful!

With Vegas Worlds creeping up on me oh so quickly (8 days) I started thinking to myself just how tough it is to be 100% prepared. Then I watch something like Ironman on NBC and see how so many people overcome tragedies and “too large for life” obstacles (i.e. suffering from illnesses, loss of limbs, etc.) I think “I have it pretty easy”. It’s like everything in life, it’s all relative.

I feel so fortunate to be training, to be able to race at this level, to be fortunate enough to put my body through discomfort and experience the ability to push myself beyond limits not imagine-able a few years ago….. I am soaking it all in. Every bit of pain and misery – loving it all.

I had a client who recently did her first triathlon. What inspired her? She wanted to face her fear of swimming in the ocean and show her kids she can overcome anything. She did it – and with a smile on her face. I am not sure who was more proud – me, her, or her kids!

So – get out there and make yourself uncomfortable. Love your body and what it can do for you.

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