Boobs, Malibu, and Vegas!!!!

That woke you up didn’t it?

I am here to tell you it is a BIG WEEKEND!!!

boobs for babes

Boobs is referring to the name of our amazing group of women supporting Breast Cancer, appropriately called “Babes for Boobs”. This weekend is the culmination of several months of fundraising and getting in shape to walk the Avon Breast Cancer walk up in Santa Barbara. Our team raised over $150,000!!! Are you kidding me? THAT ROCKS!!!!

Truly an amazing bunch of women that I feel so fortunate to be a part of… It shows how much a community can come together. How much friends care. How we can overcome. How we can reach out and help. It means so much to so many people yet it started with a quest to support an amazing mom, wife, friend and overall A+ woman. It has grown to a community truly bonding in a way unthinkable. At our first team meeting we set a goal to be the top fund raising team and it took about 2 weeks to get there (and hold the position). I get chills thinking about the videos we watched, the photos I saw on our Facebook page, the community events throughout the past several months that all pitched in to say “WE CARE”.

There is still time to donate!!! Just click the link: Babes for Boobs.

PrintSecond – there is the Malibu Triathlon. Malibu is one of those races on the top 10 bucket lists of Triathlons. It is very well run, a huge charity event, and a local favorite. I have a few clients and several friends racing in Malibu and it looks like yet another amazing year. Calm waters, sunny skies, and lots of top athletes. GO GET THE JOB DONE!!!

Ironman worldsAnd then there is Vegas. It is the 70.3 Ironman World Championships in Henderson, Nevada (true, you never actually see a casino unless you go out of your way) and it is TOUGH. Hills, hills, hills. Back in June, I qualified for this race which – unfortunately – fell on the same weekend as what we commonly called “the walk”. I have never wanted to be in two places at the same time so much in my life!! So… here I sit… in Vegas…. thinking PINK. Rooting for our team and showing off my pink and support every step of the way. GO BABES!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I will be running my own race with the same intention and no doubt with similar emotion. Vegas is a bit of a 3rd kid (I can say that because I was the 3rd kid!)…. Slightly neglected because of the bigger, stronger one (Kona). I know – so unfair – but don’t let that make you think I am putting my guard down! I am here to race, here to have “fun”, and here to gain experience for my adventures that lie ahead…

Wishing everyone the very best in the weekend ahead, hold your head high, be proud, and have fun!!


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