One Race. One Person. One step forward.

Ironman VegasSo, here I sit in Henderson, NV.

I have done my swim in the murky brown, I mean lovely lake, I have ridden my bike, and I have taken my running shoes out for a final pre-race spin.

I have dropped off my run gear bag, my bike, and my bike gear bag, checking the contents inside of them about 20 times before I finally said my good-byes..

And here I sit. Thinking about doorknobs.

Doorknobs you ask? That’s weird. Let me back up a bit…

I am in Henderson, NV to participate in the 70.3 Ironman World Championships. Last time I was in this town was for the 2011 ITU Triathlon World Championships. I know, slightly confusing, just two different championships run by two different governing bodies… (don’t worry, there is only two, and these are actually quite hard to get into!).

The last time I raced here my dad was along side me cheering every step of the way. He is the one who said “don’t let the turkeys get your down” after they cancelled the swim. And today every corner I turned I could “remember when”… and I start to feel alone. But hey, WAIT! I am NOT ALONE. I know that. I know that I have 2,000 of my closest new spandex wearing athlete friends here. And I have friends from all walks of life cheering for me virtually and following me online. I have my loyal and super supportive Mom, Sis and Brother also tracking me… and no doubt the kids & hubby will be GLUED to the computer monitor as well (well, in between pancakes and soccer). My point being I have a huge support network.

Thank goodness.

Because tomorrow while I race every time my mind takes me down memory lane, I am going to remember that. And I might also think about doorknobs.

Why doorknobs? It was a recommendation from a good friend of mine when she called and had to talk me down off the ledge (not literally, don’t worry, I am not going anywhere). The reason being every time when I start thinking, I mean really thinking about 2 years ago.. well, let’s just say I need to refocus. So instead of getting upset about it, for tomorrow anyways, I am simply going to think of doorknobs.

Don’t worry. It’s not like I am forgetting about all the support I have out there (thank you for the incredible text messages) and the phone calls, and the daily encouragement… and I will think about my experience from 2011 and use it to my advantage… I will remember how my husband ran alongside me asking me how I was feeling during the bike course…. and my son chasing me up the hill yelling for me… all my friends and sister who traveled to be there with me…. and no way will I ever forget how my dad smiled at me as I crossed the finish line of what started as a very disappointing event (swim cancelled)….

Everyone that was there on that day (and then some) is here this weekend. I will use the strength from above and fuel my passion of competing in this sport I so love and cherish. I will be so grateful for the people at home tracking me and sending me strength.

…And I will remember my mantra, I will create some new ones when the “turkeys get me down”, and if anything gets in my way, I will just think about doorknobs.


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