Arriving in Paradise

Oct 7th. Day of departure.


Woke up to my yard inundated with Ironman “GO” signs. I didn’t know you could have IM yard stakes but why not? Put a price tag on those and sell them (triathletes will buy anything if it has that logo on it)! Very cool banners, signs made from the kids, and a sign that is, well, silly. Quite appropriately one of the sayings was “toenails are for sissies”. Amazing friends. It’s like they could sense the excitement, the nervousness, how “big” this is to me… and they acted on it. Love that. Thank you. 140.6 cookies

I had a great flight. Then again, how can a flight be bad if you are in First Class. Thank you friend – you know who you are!!!! Made my day (again). Even with the crabby flight attendant and the lady upset I ‘stole’ the last chicken dish, it was still awesome. Maybe it is because I am going to Kona to do IM. YES! On the plane I sat next to a lovely lady from Florida who raced Kona ten years ago. She had an awesome demeanor about herself and the conversation was unlike most with triathletes – we actually spoke about life and non-triathlete things πŸ™‚ Good luck Mandy!

They say everything comes in threes. Well – today sure did! I checked into the hotel and got upgraded to an ocean view. What the heck is going on?!! What a day. A perfect day.

Oct. 8th. T-5 days till race.

Slept in! Oh yeah lucky lady! I admit I was giddy with excitement and couldn’t sleep last night… the body needs sleep. Train. Sleep. Eat. Sleep.Hawaii sunset

Checked myself in (go #1385!) and picked up my bike and had a leisurely walk through all the chaos of merchandise. Cha-Ching $$$!!! Decided to get back to my room stat. Took the Cervelo out for a ride and loved it. Met a local guy, met a guy from Scandinavia, met a few people from New Hampshire…. Everyone here has a similar goal and it’s cool to feel connected to so many people (connected in a weird will only last one day way).

bikeCame back and went on a little run. Felt like I could run forever! You are probably saying “thank goodness” because guess what – I AM basically going to run “forever”.

CheeringShowered up and watched the last few kids finish the kids “Dip-N-Dash”. Sooooo cute! Where are my little munchkins when I need them? I hate to say watching a kids race was emotional, but it was! And today I have permagrin and it was STILL emotional. There was this girl, guessing 10 years old or so.. walking down Ali drive as everyone cheered and clapped her towards the finish. She then started running and everyone started cheering so loud and standing up and she started going faster and the crowd got so loud. She went from a miserable “why the heck did my parents sign me up for this ” look in her face to a “holy cow I am a winner” look on her face. Awesome. The mind is such a powerful thing. Not far behind her was another amazing kid. Here’s a boy who can’t walk without assistance. He is doing a race. Being amazing. Wow. It was one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. I looked around at people cheering and I wasn’t alone. People were wiping their eyes (and it wasn’t dusty or windy).

Betty bagFinished the day with the Parade of Nations and a trip through the athletes village. I gotta say, and it’s not just because I am a Betty and I LOVE their gear, the Betty Designs tent was the most happening place around. And no wonder why – it is the most amazing gear available! I am hoping my Betty Kit will help me out at around mile 18 of the run. Look good feel good, right?! Thanks Betty Designs! kick butt

Till tomorrow…


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