Day Three. And Four. And maybe last post until I am drinking a Mai Tai.

Oct 9th.



Oddly a totally different night than previously. I fell asleep early “ish” and ended up waking up at 5am. This is actually a good thing as race morning that alarm will wake me up around 4am. Pretty sure I woke up so early because I was super psyched to swim. Those that know me, know I am not a huge fan of the Pacific. Unless it is the Hawaiian Pacific. Warm…. aquarium like. Ahhhhh… since I left in June I thought of those waters and couldn’t wait to get my feet wet. I haven’t really been swimming due to a shoulder injury so I was a bit anxious to see how it would hold up. Maybe it was because I didn’t swim very long, or I was too busy looking at the fish below, but it felt decent. Don’t you worry out there. I will finish this swim and with a smile!! Speaking of smiles, saw Chrissy Wellington at the TYR tent (three time Ironman Champ and pretty much can smoke most men) and had to say hello. Aren’t we cute?

Next stop was to the ART* tent. For those people that don’t like to be massaged to the point you hold your breath or scream, this isn’t for you. For us athletes, we love it πŸ™‚ * stands for active release techniques. Met my boy Gino who was magic! He gave me a lot to think about — but not till Sunday. Or at least November. One step at a time.

IMG_9741Next stop : Huggos. A few of us walked over to one of the best spots in town. Huggos. Right on the water near the swim turn-around point (felt like a long way to walk, now I know why). Say it again Jen: Swim turn around point. Deep breaths. Not a big coffee drinker, but when in Kona go with the finest: Kona Coffee. Splashed a little almond milk on it for good measure and ordered an omelette so I didn’t go hungry and enjoyed the company and the view……


We then headed to the athlete expo so I could empty my wallet (again). Tried out these killer goggles during the swim earlier and LOVED LOVED LOVED them. In Vegas I wore the darkest goggles possible to avoid seeing (or rather not seeing) any of that muck in front of you. Here, it’s different. Chrissy Wellington was in the TYR tent so – once again – I had to say hi. Maybe if I keep rubbing shoulders with a champ it will rub off?! Don’t I look good on her body?

IMG_9753Once I had what felt like rocket fuel in my body I jumped on my bike (with another athlete who also qualified at Honu 70.3) and we went on a little ride north. Ate lunch (notice I am always thinking about the next meal) and did something I normally would never do at a race, much less “vacation”. I had a haircut. I already felt cute in my Betty Gear – I needed to match it with a new do. Ok, not really anything new, but there was enough hair on the ground when she finished to make anyone not want to eat ever again. Refreshed and a few pounds lighter! All good!

IMG_9754Oh – I can’t miss saying my next meal was Poke. Been craving it, and my new friend / hair stylists recommended one of the best on the island. And it was! I normally wouldn’t order take out after getting beautified at a hair salon, but this time is just seemed like the right thing to do (everything at this restaurant is takeout). Delicious!! Highly recommend.

I crawled into bed to get another early night and all of a sudden I heard the loudest music that made me feel like I was on stage somewhere…. looked out my window at the set-up for the pre-race ceremony and sure enough – they decided to do their run-thru at 7pm! Or maybe it was 6. Either way, I decided to just watch it πŸ˜‰ Then I can get to sleep earlier TOMORROW night.

Oct 10th

Well, not quite the same as yesterday. After my special VIP service watching the pre-race “prep” I stayed up a little too late. Nerves are settling in. Mind going crazy.

Was meeting some people for a mini 20 minute run and opted to head down a little early to see the chaos of the Underpants Run. That’s right. Underpants Run. And let me tell you the only place this would work would be Kona 3 days before Ironman. The most fit people you have ever seen running (and laughing, and cheering) in virtually nothing. I think the total run is like 200 yards. Why not a reason to show off your well-trained bod, eh?Ironman-4138

After the run I headed to my local little coffee shop (tea this time, not rocket fuel) and just sat and watched the madness. For the first time this week, it felt REAL. My stomach turned into a giant knot. Holy cow the hours will pass and the days and before you know it I will be in that ocean water waiting for that very loud famous amazing cannon to GO BAM!

IMG_9750So cool.

So the crowds have gotten bigger, more traffic, more of everything. Even hotter outside if that can be possible! I am checking out today to move into a larger rental for the whole family…. it is a bit off the beaten path which is a very good thing right now. It is quiet here and all I here is the sounds of the ocean…….

I am blessed to be here and honored to have so much support for across the world (well, husband is English so it’s kind of a “gimme”). The texts and phone calls and posts are so amazing I should’ve done this years ago πŸ™‚ I am going to give it my best and race with all my heart. The body is healthy and trained and I’m ready to kick some KONA A!#$!!!

Mahalo nui loa



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