It all happened between Aisle 8 and the Lentils.

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

A dear friend of mine and I have this ‘thing’ we call “Aisle 8”.  It doesn’t have to be Aisle 8 of course, it could be Aisle B, or near the fruit section, or in the sock department…. or at school drop off… the list goes on and on and on…. Some of you are probably on to me already.

So, it went like this.  Her and I were going through some tough times a few years back and truly needed each other’s friendship (not that you never need a friend but this is where it was a necessity).   She mentioned to me as she was just doing her normal daily shopping at Target, she was walking down aisle 8 when she completely lost it.  Not in the sense of the screaming or want to hit someone lost it, but the one where the tears start flowing.  For some reason, the timing struck her right then and there, in aisle 8.  She couldn’t control her emotions so the tears just let out.

So the other morning in yoga during our Shavasana (everyone’s favorite part who are we kidding) the instructor (who I LOVE)  plays a song that is, well, let’s just makes me a wee bit emotional.   Aisle 8 kind of emotions.  It was a song that my family played for my dad over and over and over during the very quick short three weeks before his passing (one of his favs).  I hear it, I tear up.  Heck, I even think of it and tear up.  So, here I was laying on the ground in complete waterworks.

Fortunately it was one of those great songs you don’t hear everyday, but this particular week I heard it twice.  I went to my TRX class, and the instructor for the class previous to mine was playing it as a warm down song.  Ahhhh.. it was meant to be.  Sometimes  I opt to “go there” (i.e. Aisle 8), listen to it, and really reflect on my father.  My choice, yes, but the point is sometimes it just happens.


Sometimes you may feel like suppressing it and sucking it all in. Don’t do it. Let it go. I don’t care if you are at Target and “might be seen” or enjoying a cocktail with some friends. Let it go. IT IS OK.

Yoga has taught me a few wonderful things, but the biggest is it is ok to feel – to simply….


So – cry. Let it out.  No matter where you might be.  Then, move on.

Don’t feel like you are getting over it, Aisle 8 is just around the corner.


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