Your Mountain is Waiting

dr seuss
I love Dr. Suess. Every time I see one of his quotes they resonate with me. Not sure if I should be proud of that or just chalk it up as being the daughter who her dad thought would someday go to clown school…. either way, he had some great things to say and it’s fun to celebrate him every March (I guess if you have kids you do this, right?).

So, in honor of Dr. Seuss, I thought I would talk about getting through one obstacle, about reaching another… and moving forward. We are still fresh into 2014 and a lot of you I imagine have some hefty goals. Big dreams.

And if you don’t go get some!!!

I had a pretty darn good 2013. It was a big year for so many reasons and certainly a step up from a very sad 2012.

So, 2013…… I can remember January quite well. I started it like we all do, setting goals for the year ahead and telling myself how amazing it could be (if I make it). I wanted to manage what I could control and make it the best I could, because it makes absolutely no sense to wallow in the past. Remember, yes. Wallow, no.

So, back to January. Week two of base training and I hit about mile 8 of my run and felt like I pulled my achilles (later to find out it wasn’t the achilles but rather a very tight Tibialis – crazy how the body works). I walked backwards home…. very… slowly… Instead of { turning it all in }, I rehabbed it back together again and got my legs back in about 3 weeks. Not ideal, but OK.

In the past I probably would’ve been in tears, thinking it was the worst possible thing that can happen. I mean, after all I had my heart set on a half marathon the beginning of February. Then a Half Ironman in June. Really? Seems so petty now… NOW… it’s OK. Rehab. Stretch. Look after yourself. Set dreams and do what you can to achieve them. There will always be roadblocks, right?

Moving on…. March. One year ago today. Alcatraz. The coldest freaking water I have EVER EVER EVER been in. And I am NOT being dramatic! They sold out of booties and neoprene head caps in San Francisco days before the race. I was covered with neoprene except my hands (illegal) and face (breathing might have been an issue)…. and let me tell you my body felt ok except for my hands and face. FROZEN. Anyway, that was in a previous race report… point being, I learned a lot that day. I learned what my body can handle, I learned how to mentally handle something very painful, I learned to ride my bike with frozen hands and feet, and I learned that even despite wanting to stay on the boat and not jump into that water, I could take a 2nd place age group finish (top 10 overall) in a highly competitive race.

Next stop; Honu Half Ironman. Let’s just say polar opposite of Alcatraz. Warm (too warm? not complaining) and crystal clear ocean waters.. no wetsuit required. Kona is a happy place and it is one of my new happy places. This race changed my year. While it was going to be the last big event of the year, it instead allowed me to achieve a lifetime goal / dream of mine. It was here I qualified for the BIG ONE – the Kona Ironman World Championships. What the?!! AWESOME. HAPPY.

2013 was a big year for so many reasons. It was what would’ve been my parents 50th wedding anniversary. We celebrated with the 13 of us in a gorgeous beach house which my daughter called the “queen’s castle”. All that (all? seems too small of word to use here) was missing was the reason we were there – the man who married my mother 50 years ago.

The next week we went to Italy to celebrate my husband’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. A lot of family and a lot of fun. What matters most in life.

Fast forward thru 5 months of heavy training (and getting the Chianti out of my system!) and I landed in Kona racing the race of my dreams. Not the year I expected. Then again, do you ever get what you expect?

You dream, you set goals, and you try to manage expectations. You train yourself to be ok with what life throws at you and you just keep moving forward.

Go find your mountain in 2014.


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