“You did WHAT on your birthday?!!?”

I went away for my “birthday weekend” to spend some* (some is relatively speaking) time biking, running, and swimming.

This was what I chose to do on my birthday.... climb 9,000 ft. up Mt. Lemmon (isn't it beautiful?!)
This was what I chose to do on my birthday…. climb 9,000 ft. up Mt. Lemmon (isn’t it beautiful?!)

Who loves their birthday more than me? Well, probably my kids. But next to that, as my husband will attest to, I love having a birthday “month”. Not just to celebrate me, or my birthday, but to celebrate life, my dear friends, and of course to celebrate my parents who GAVE me life.

I’m not saying go ahead and have some $2,000 party. Or take a trip to Tahiti. (although both are sounding kind of good right now).

I’m just saying – every once in a while it’s good to just appreciate life. To not pass the day you were born as “oh it doesn’t matter anymore” or “now it’s all about the kids, not me” or – worse yet – “I hate birthdays”. (Sorry kids, I don’t generally allow that word but it is in quotes here so it’s “ok”). K?

Are you getting it? Do you have a birthday coming up? A good friend? Relative? Did you send them a card? Call them? Did you do something for yourself? Try to… Just for that time, for that day, remember how far a simple gesture can go.. In today’s world of Facebook and texting, you might just be the odd man out.

Here is a girl who gets it :)
Here is a girl who gets it ๐Ÿ™‚

* I referred above to “some time” biking, running, and swimming. Well friends, it was what I believe to be quite a lot of time – even for my standards. I rode 200+ miles and today alone climbed 9,000 feet. I went swimming in a lake for a few miles, followed by the next day a tough pool swim (tough meaning my legs felt like they weighed a ton). And that doesn’t include four miles running and more running tomorrow.

My dear friend who convinced me this "will be epic"!  Half way up.... still smiling...
My dear friend who convinced me this “will be epic”! Half way up…. still smiling…Can’t thank her enough for making this all happen.

But you know what? I loved every minute of it (except maybe the part where my legs weighed a ton). Oh, and the descent back to sea level wasn’t my favorite part of the day either. BUT I did what I love. And I challenged myself beyond what I imagined. Was it easy? Of course not. Especially after being in the saddle 5 hours for the previous 2 days.. Would I have rather have been in Napa drinking wine toasting to my birthday? Maybe (but that’s not fair!). No way.

View from the top from the infamous Cookie Cabin.
View from the top from the infamous Cookie Cabin.

Point is – mix up your life a bit. Do something wild and crazy. Be challenged.

And – if your lucky enough like me – you might find someone to join you. Which isn’t entirely true (because it was a dear friend who convinced ME to go about this adventure – not me convincing someone else). She made it “easy” which made it “perfect”. We were in our “happy places” together and that will never be forgotten.

Best part? Well, I can still walk. Something else great? It’s still my birthday and I’m about to celebrate with the hubby and kids. Because the day, my friends, is worth celebrating. Can’t wait.

— note —

This blog was truly inspired by the man who never missed a birthday, nor the act of celebrating it. My father, who, as luck would have it, is also an Aries. I celebrate him every day, but on this upcoming particular day, there will be some extra special love sent his way.


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