st george
A few months back I was running with a group of friends when we started talking about races, 2014 goals, etc. etc. I told them about my plans to do St George 70.3 (quite excited might I add) and got taken back by the overwhelming response of “why?”. Or “hope you like the wind” or “guess you like to swim in cold water” and, finally “guess you like hills”. This didn’t just happen once, it became the normal response to my quest to check off a race that has been on my “bucket list” for quite some time.Β  (BTW, I do enjoy hills and obviously the occasional butt kicking a race like this often gives you – but I am sure I will write more about that AFTER it happens)

My question is this, why would someone doubt somebody’s desire to complete something else? As I often tell my kids, THINK before you SPEAK. But, as most triathletes would agree, we get called crazy a lot. If someone asks “why?” then they’ll never understand…..

Is it supposed to be brutal? Yes. But why would one settle with anything less? What’s the excitement around a flat, non-windy, perfect temperature course? Ummmm…. it is sounding pretty good right now. πŸ™‚ But, with everything in life, it’s good to mix it up a bit. People can have good races on tough courses and hurt equally as bad as people who kill it on a flat course. To be honest, it was more about the scenery and beauty of the course than anything else… after racing in Hollywood a few weeks back amongst trash and the homeless, this will be welcoming.

Isn't this GORGEOUS?!
Isn’t this GORGEOUS?! (Swim Course)

I also have a little piece of me that has wanted to go back to Utah and race when 12 years ago I said “I will never race in Utah again”. Cliche cliche. Long story short. I raced my 1st Ironman at the inaugural event in Provo, Utah back in 2001 (yes, that makes me old). Weather went from good to bad in a matter of 24 hours. Water (lake mind you) had swells 4-6 ft high from rare 35-45 mph winds. Although we started the swim, we were pulled out of the water (from about a mile away which is how far we “drifted”) after about an hour in the water. Then, hundreds sat in a tent just thinking all this for —-. They ended up shortening the rest of the event and everyone realized they couldn’t go home that day and call themselves an “Ironman”. It was the race that would change my little world forever.

So when I looked at the St. George weather report this morning, I got a little knot in my stomach. This was probably still from my bout of stomach flu I have had all weekend (awesome) but that’s not worth discussing. The weather goes from 70 beautiful awesome gorgeous degrees all week to a tad bit warmer temp of 94 on race day.

Nothing you can do about the weather. Or the stomach flu.

I am not going to hope that it’s 70 degrees, or wish my energy would be back at 100%. I am going to believe that it doesn’t matter. I am just going to think about all that hard work put into these past few months (some would argue years). I’ll think of climbing Mt. Lemmon. I will think of how much fun I had every step along the way. As a coach, I often like to talk to myself as I would to one of my athletes. Today I am taking my positive coach side and giving my inner self a little talking to….

So, stay tuned.Β  This Saturday, May 3rd at approximately 7:45am I will represent Betty Designs in the St George Half Ironman.Β Β  The pros far outweigh the cons and I can’t wait to get out there and have fun. I’ve got my family by my side and that in itself will get me through anything!

And… at the end of the day I might even be able to shed some light on WHY I am doing this.

Stay Tuned…..




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