My love affair with Betty Designs.

Racing Betty!

You work hard.  You put in the hours.  And you want to look good doing so.

The solution? Betty Designs.     betty_icon_pink

I can remember vividly the day it happened.   I mean, I loved my Betty kit the day I ordered it. But I didn’t truly love LOVE it until the first day I wore it. Comfortable – extremely. Designed for performance – no doubt.  Envy on the street – heck yeah.  And, as the owner says.. Simply…. “Sick gear.”

I ride with a lot of guys. And now I’m part of the fashion family.  It wouldn’t be unusual for another rider (male mind you) to compliment his buddy on his new cycling clothing — “sweet kit dude, where’d ya get that?” or “that’s the best kit you own bro”. I started hearing it at every ride, it was starting to become worse than being with my girlfriends on a night out dressed in “real” clothes.   Pre-Betty, I just giggled a bit under my breath, with a wince of jealousy.  I had decent kits, but nothing to write home about.  While I could generally hold my own with the boys, I yearned to be part of their morning fashion talk.

Then it happened.

I wore my first Betty kit for one of our 5:30am rides.

Best part about the Betty kit.
How is this not motivation?

Instantly I started getting attention.  “Wow.. loving the skulls” and “Damn! Butterflies look good on you”. And ride after ride, I continued to get compliments.  Not just from the people I ride with, but those that pass me, those that spot the butterflies from afar. I now own about six Betty kits… Yeah, a little overkill (never!) but they are THAT good.  Not just because they look good, but they feel good. And you know what they say right? Look good, feel good!

And it wasn’t just cycling.  It was in the pool, at the beach, and just cruising about town with my Betty trucker hat & Betty tank.  As my closet expanded into butterflies and skulls…. My confidence soared.  Seriously folks, you want compliments? Wear Betty Designs.    It is the simple beauty of a butterfly combined with the inevitability of a skull.  Perfectly designed.

School drop off?signature_trucker_pink_front_large Betty trucker hat.

IMG_0215 Cold day? Betty beanie.

Going out for a run? Betty run top, paired with Betty visor and Betty Capri.  jacquard_tankini_front_large

Going out to coffee or wine? (Or both?) Betty clutch.   envelope_clutch__both_large

Chilly bike ride? Betty jacket. Betty arm warmers.   signature__compreesion_sock_largeBetty knee warmers. Betty socks.

Swimming laps?  Betty one piece.

Just to show you a few of the awesome designs!
Just to show you a few of the awesome designs!

Swimming laps wanting a tan? Betty bikini.

Swimming in the ocean?  Betty bikini along with thick amazing Betty towel.   IMG_0630

Spin or yoga class? Betty headband.

One of my besties babies!! So precious.

Just had a baby?     Onesies!!

I’m telling you, while it’s amazing gear for triathletes, it also kicks butt in the killer gear for hanging out category.

You don't have to be a triathlete to sport Betty!!
You don’t have to be a triathlete to sport Betty!!

Paddle boarder? Available. Short AND long sleeve board shirt available to go with your new Betty paddle board.  Oh – and recently available – water Capris!  BjlWIGXCYAATcEZ.jpg_large

Are you a dude? Got ya covered. Black Betty T shirt and men’s cycling kits.  mens_signatureT_large

And, last but not least, kids love Betty too.

My daughter cheering for me and my fellow "Bettys" at Ironman 70.3 St. George.
My daughter cheering for me and my fellow “Bettys” at Ironman 70.3 St. George.

Do I sound like a broken record? A sales person? I feel like I’m just sharing the love. It’s as simple as that. Betty equals amazingness. Betty equals confidence.

Say no more.
Kona Ironman. Keeping the Betty vibe going through the post race cocktail!


Truth be told, I am officially a “Betty”. An athlete who loves sick gear, who thrives competition, who wants to race in something that shouts “hey I’m not just out here to kick ass”… and who wants to represent in style.

I am thrilled beyond words to be a part of Team Betty (if you can’t already tell).   IM_a_bettyMy social life has skyrocketed with the addition of 40 instant Betty teammates (now friends) who have already motivated me and inspired me more than I ever I imagined. I also feel the love every time I wear the Butterfly / Skull combo.  People that have never even met me are shouting “go Betty,” or in the case of cruising around town, “where did u get that awesome — ?” (Insert sick Betty gear here).

Message me for a super cool discount coupon code and change your world too. IMG_0569


19 thoughts on “My love affair with Betty Designs.

Add yours

  1. Just a little too into yourself. Love the designs however not made for anything over an Olympic distance. Shorts ride up constantly while cycling.

    1. I am sorry you are having problems with the shorts – I agree with you the proper kit is of vital importance. I have noticed the tri shorts and bikinis tend to run small so you may want to contact customer service (check out “Betty Fit Tips” and “Exchanges and Returns”). Betty Designs welcomes feedback on their products and I am sure they will do what they can to help you become a satisfied customer. I have had great experiences with the Betty Designs racing kit, including several 70.3 distance races and the Kona Ironman WC.

      I wish you success in your upcoming races!!

    2. That’s interesting because I just wore a properly fitting betty tri kit for a full IM 12:09 with ZERO chafing. First long ride with a Betty kit was 155 miles in Puerto Rico. Again, best and most comfortable kit of the trip. Maybe size is the issue. Betty ROCKS!!

  2. I love these designs! Is your promo code still available? I’m looking for a new tri kit for a 70.3 and the pre race training 🙂 Have you heard anything about girls with big thighs training in these? Don’t want the dreaded sausage leg look.

  3. Do you have Betty design code? I bought a Tri-Kit recently, and LOVE it! Would like to pick up another, so I can alternate between races.

  4. Hi,
    Betty designs is awesome. I first found Smashfest Queen and they use the smartest material just different logos on clothing. But I like the edgy design better. I have 2 betty tri kits and 2 cycling kits with in on way. Do u have a discount code still .. I would like to buy another. Thank u )

    1. Hi Heather!! Thanks for the note – YES – it is edgy and awesome. A lot of new styles out and you won’t be disappointed. It is nice to feel great as you are breaking a sweat (and getting compliments!). If you wouldn’t mind using my code to check out, that would be great. I don’t have a coupon code this year but I will add you to our mailing list when they come out (usually a 24 hour blast sale)! Keep on riding, running, and being fit!!! Thanks for reading,

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