IMG_2659 Je me souviens, I remember, is the official motto of Quebec.  It reminds us to remember the lessons of the past.  During the opening ceremonies, they emphasized how they wanted us to embrace je me souviens and allow its message to be part of our own personal story:

“Remember your journey and the lessons you have learned.  Reflect on the challenges you have overcome as they give you strength.  Celebrate the glory as you reach your own personal goals and fulfill your dreams”.

I love this. It resonates so well with me, what I’ve been through, how I’ve overcome… And where I am at today.  (Maybe, hopefully it does with you too and what you have going on in your big world)…. So, while I write this race report, I might use “I remember” a lot.  Hopefully you won’t “remember” it taking so long to read but you will instead remember me …… 😉


Can you believe this place?  Amazing view of the race venue.
Can you believe this place? Amazing view of the race venue.


I remember being surrounded by thousands of unbelievably strong athletes.  I was fortunate to have a few close friends of my own racing alongside me which made it just that much better in days leading up to the “big one”.

Ha! Mom helping out 🙂

I remember the focused attitude of all the athletes before the swim.  The lake was dark, yet clear.  I didn’t have a great start – got stuck in the back of a lot of legs – so it took me what felt like forever to wiggle my way through to some happy breathing room.  It’s not like in the swim you can say “pardon me, I’d like to get by you”, or “on your left”!  Finished up and ran a good 3-4 minutes to transition 1.  Correct.  That is not close if you are wondering:)  Happy w my time – 29.

Swim finished... Easy to spot this Betty's bike!
Swim finished… Easy to spot this Betty’s bike!

I remember the crowd being electric.  I remember all the shouting “Allons-y! Allons-y!” loud and constant- I loved it. It was a good reminder how special it is to be a part of this World Championship.

I remember feeling great on the bike. I was in the 2nd wave (of age groupers) nestled in between the 30-34 and 35-39 year old men. Just how I like it! Ha ha. Kidding honey.   This was great and all but I had passed a few of those men in the water and had a decent swim myself so herein lies the problem.  There are 2600 people behind me. And let me tell you between now and the finish line I think I saw 1000+ of them.  It wasn’t terrible (reminded me of Kona) but it wasn’t really fun either. (There, I admitted it!).  Run your own race.

I remember seeing huge packs of people drafting.  For those not privy to the rules… drafting is illegal and I didn’t want any part of it (although sadly I can see how athletes are drawn in).   It was so blatant! I was playing cat and mouse with a few other girls (legally) and I must say it was so great how they let those packs go by and got out of the mess quickly.  Extremely admirable.  I had an honest, under goal time bike split that day.  And I remember being happy.

Jumping for joy!
Jumping for joy!

Until about kilometer 2 of the run.   Unfortunately we had a little under 21k to go!  My foot hurt, my hamstrings were on fire, and I wanted my mommy (just kidding about that part. Well, kinda).  At this point I kinda was over being passed too.  It was a two loop course which meant I even got a whiff (if ever so fast) of some female pros (them being on their second loop, me on my first).  I remember a pro (Heather Wurtele, which was currently in third place) run by me – going at a blistering smokin’ fast pace.  It was so cool! Oh I wanted to give her a smack in the rear and say “you are so awesome” or “get after it you are two spots away from winning” but instead I simply said (half out of breath panting like a dog) “great job”. So boring, eh? Not soon after did 4th, 5th, and 6th consecutively pass me. It was fun (ish). It would have been way more fun to be able to keep up with them for even just a minute… I’m telling you they MOVE.  It was very humbling…..

The run overlooks this (the finish).  25% incline.  That is awesome.  (ha ha)
The run overlooks this (the finish). 25% incline. That is awesome. (said no one on race day)

I remember the run was hands down the hilliest course I have ever run.  Or it could’ve been that my body wasn’t prepped for those kind of hills.  Not by choice but because of a foot injury I suffered from a few weeks ago and the lack of running I had put into this event…. Hard to believe six or so key workouts could mean so much but this course wasn’t for the rookies.  I love hills, I loved this course, I just wanted better, I expected more out of me.  For you locals reading, it’s like running up the steepest walk street in town over. And over. And over.   Back to that not being prepped thing….. Not an excuse, just a reality.

I remember loving this course, this town, but the run course not really loving me.

I remember trying to enjoy the run.  I tried, I tell you I tried so hard, to enjoy it, to smile, and make each step stronger and stronger (I remember shouting out loud “shut up legs” which was probably pretty hilarious to some).    It didn’t help that people ran by me like I was going backwards (back to the challenges of starting in the second wave of the day at a World Championship event)……. But that’s not an excuse either.

I remember it being challenging. To be competitive one had to have on their “A” game (my “A” game was on throughout the swim and the bike, just couldn’t seem to grind through that run course).  A friend / fellow competitor told me after the race I “looked like death”.  Wow!  Well I didn’t really feel THAT bad but now that you mentioned it…..

I remember my training partners back home helping me climb the hills, swim the miles, and run the trails… my training became theirs. Thank you.

I remember my friends sending me texts and emails wishing me luck for the Big Day. Thank you.

I remember having my friends (also participating) there days before the race enjoying the beauty and the satisfaction of being at an International event.

I remember having my mom and sister right there with me from 5am till I finished.  I saw them at least five times and each time just helped me propel that much more.  So lucky, thank you.

I remember the send off from my hubby and kids and just how much they helped me to toe this start line and the ongoing support over the years for this crazy addiction I have.  So fortunate, thank you.

I remember giving every last bit of energy I had inside me.  And if you give 100% (I’d say 110 but is that really possible ? And if it is why don’t people say ” I gave it 9,999,999,999%?”)  –It is – by my definition –  a success.

Onward and upward.   It was an incredible day and I was honored to be out there representing Betty Designs.   There were a lot of people donning the Betty gear all of whom I felt like I had something in common with.. (What I’m guessing very strong women w a sense of humor even at the weakest of moments).    It was a World Championship for goodness sake, and the first one out of the country, and that is pretty darn cool.  It wasn’t my first, and most certainly won’t be my last.

I will remember this day.


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  1. always love reading! amazing… just amazing…. I followed you on line and was dying at your fast swim time! sooooo fast!!!! xoxo!

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