Notes from the couch…

rainbow-quoteI write from my couch on my 14th day of a “cold”.  I call it a cold, but it is way more awful than any cold I have ever experienced (I know, awful is relative.  But – today – it is “my” awful so be nice).  The first week was ok… the usual, sore throat, cough and runny nose.  I tried to remain positive as I made my way through an entire lot of tissue boxes from Costco, while I drank more oregano oil / flaxseed / lemon / garlic / cayenne / turmeric combinations than I care to remember, and sucked down (delicious) homemade chicken broth — all with good intentions “this too shall pass”.  It’s the phases of sickness, we’ve all been there.
Day 1:  Sore throat starting.  Must take extra immune support (translation – go to Whole Foods and don’t leave without spending at least $100 in the herbal medicine section)
Day 3:  You believe it will go away in another day or two.  You might even be able to sneak in a workout.
Day 5:  None of this homeopathic medicine stuff is helping.  Then again, you are pretty sure it’s viral and nothing will help.  Regardless, you head to the doc cuz you ain’t feeling an ounce better (doc confirms it’s viral and prescribes nasal spray and cough medicine).  Tells you to rest.  You mention you are a mom and rest is unquestionable.
Day 7:  Feel good enough (good being relative) to go on a bike ride to go watch your son play soccer.  Feels so amazing to workout again that you want to forget about ever being sick.
Day 10:  Wake up at 2am with a coughing fit that wakes up the entire family.   Go to the gym and – for the first time in years – sit in the steam room without doing an ounce of exercise.
Day 12:  Avoid all advice from anyone as the frustration sets in and you most likely have tried everything in the book (and then some)
Day 14:  Back to doc.  Diagnosed with bronchitis but — go on — get a z-pack.  Can’t hurt, right?
And on and on… More coughing… more blowing nose, head feeling like it is about to explode.  BUT –  I am not complaining.  🙂 (just documenting haha)

GET OVER IT!  Right?  We have ALL BEEN SICK.  We have all been there….. it’s like everything in life, it’s how you handle things that matters.  My mind kept saying “get over it” but my body keeps pointing my mind back to that point of pain again.  I try to channel (one of) my mantras: “Be Strong” and “Dig Deep”.  I know, corny.  I want to be stronger but I am so sick of being sick it is making me mad!  GET OVER IT.  Play the mental game and defeat it!  We all have those choices daily and that is exactly what I am going to choose.  To make my mind and body both believe they are lucky 🙂

I know I am lucky.  I am healthy.  Sometimes being sick makes being healthy just THAT much better!  You wake up one day and say “wow – do I feel good!”.  Because you know what GOOD is.  Everyone’s good is different but we should all be content with our own “good”.  Right?

When I hit one of these roadblocks I find the real reason it upsets me is not that I am actually sick (hey, if this is the worst of it, I am blessed), it’s that life is way too short and here it is passing in front of my very own eyes while I sit here and cough my way through it.  I have a list to conquer, I have friends to visit, I have books to read, kids to play with, husband to go out with, I had a plan these last few weeks to move “ahead”, and moving backwards makes me feel like I am missing out on life.  I know, a little dramatic.  But life quite simply… moves too fast.

I will live in the day, I will be excited about the future, and I will “breathe” knowing… everything, absolutely everything will be ok.

Here is my little recipe for feeling “amazing”:

A juice of a whole freshly squeezed lemon, ginger (fresh is best, 2 t minced), 2 drops of oregano oil, a tiny piece of garlic and a dash of cayenne pepper (or more!).

Cheers to health!!


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