Grabbing Memories


I am a little obsessed right now with puppies. and the Kona Ironman.   I know, I know, this virus is really making me crazy! Let’s just say… 4 weeks with no exercise makes you think.  A  lot.
Let me explain.  You know when an ‘anniversary” comes up a year later (or years) that you start having similar feelings as you did “back then”?  It is usually a major life event, a wedding, a birth, maybe even your kids starting school…  And it brings back a ton of memories.  We lost our family pet, loyal friend George, on October 2nd years ago.


So I feel like every time around then I really think about him, I miss his tail wag, his excitement when you open a can and the bark when the mail comes.  As most people who have a dog in the family know, dogs ARE family.  So the other day I saw a puppy Vizsla…. and let me tell you he is a d o r a b l e!!!  Fortunately we see him on our walk to school, we give him a little love and continue on our way.  But I find myself wanting another Vizsla, but not really, but kinda, but ARG!  Maybe a calm version?  Or just another breed entirely…  What to do … what to do…. just be obsessed with puppies.  Stay tuned.

Second, Ironman Kona.  Totally unrelated I know — but it’s October, I have been knocked out by a virus, and these are the things that keep me up at night (don’t worry, there is more).  And Kona Ironman is going on now.  You see, I raced Kona last year.  And it was THE RACE OF A LIFETIME.  I feel like it was kind of a blur at that particular moment (I don’t really remember there being any sound at all at the finish line, yet I remember finishing)… certain things you don’t even remember, yet other parts of it are so vivid.  I remember the week before the race like it was yesterday.   The walk through town, the poke bowls I couldn’t get enough of, sporting Betty and being so proud, and being so excited about race day.  I remember kissing my husband, hugging my kids and mom and going through the event check-in on race morning.  Every single part of it –  epic.  I also thought I would never do it again.  But, of course, I sit here watching it online, reading about it, and wanting to be there.   I had a dream the other night that I was at the swim start (not an official swimmer but somehow I snuck in) and started the swim but then jumped in a boat to watch the rest of it….  Obviously the dream was wayyyy better in my head. 🙂   I always wondered why people would go back, why the needed to do it twice.  Now I get it.  That island is calling for me and I want to tackle it again!!    My son said the other day “mom, just go race it again if you are thinking about it that much”.  Ahhh son, if only it was that easy.  I love the cleverness of kids….

I may get a Vizsla, but it won’t be George….  I may go back to Kona, but it will never be how I wanted.   Not by choice, but from circumstance.   it had always been my dream to cross the IM WC finish line with my kids in my hand (or arms).  Rules don’t allow it now.  It was also a dream of mine to be able to race at The Big One (Kona being my ‘dream Olympics’) with my parents watching..  I felt like they have given me so much in my lifetime it was time to show them how much hard work does pay off.  They helped me reach a dream by helping me dream from a very young age.  I am blessed my mom was there firsthand to be a part of all the madness.  She continues to represent not only the amazing mother she has always been, but to also be my father in a sense, to do what he would’ve done… it’s very very cool.

So, point is – keep those memories alive that you have.  The ones that come back that say “I remember when _____”.  Those are the ones that will keep you alive, that will keep you dreaming, and will give you motivation to move forward.

Cheers to Puppies, Kona & Dreams!!!


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