Canada Revisited

One of dad's favs was a thumbs up!
One of dad’s favs was a thumbs up!

Turns out I’m not finished writing about my weekend in Canada….. I’ve been thinking about it and reflecting on it a ton, and I feel like this is worth sharing.  I have several friends hitting hard spots, i.e. tough times and sometimes it helps just hearing from others… Here it is two years after my fathers passing and, although it’s truly not easier (everyone says with time it gets easier – bah humbug) it is interesting how often he enters my daily life.

So, in a way, my weekend in Mont Tremblant was a dedication to my dad.  I can’t say it was on purpose, it was just this pure, awesome, weekend that in a way centered around this great human being.

IMG_1499I’m sure my mom and sis “get it”.  It was like “quietly understood” between the three of us.   It was just different…. In a good good way.  I’ll share a few reasons why….
1) One of my dear friends who was racing as well brought her dad.  As hard as it was seeing someone celebrate something so great with their father, it was equally as wonderful knowing she had a dad who cared about her and wanted to be there as much as my dad would’ve.  I felt like she had this special weekend, and rather than feeling envious, I felt this sincere happiness for her.
2) I had always told my dad I wanted to race internationally. Well, dad, I did it.
3) The day after my race I ate some oysters, anchovies on my salad, decent enough red wine (decent meaning he is a guy who could enjoy pretty much anything), and chocolate for dessert.  He would’ve had the same thing (and still be talking about it!).
4)  My sis and mom were alongside… as they always have been since that first Ironkids years (and years AND years ago!).  Some things just don’t change 😉
So – keep those memories coming.  When you least expect it, memories of loved ones will pop in your head and your daily experiences. And when it does – it is very.  very. very cool!!!



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