Dream Big. Inspire Others.

dreambigI feel like I tend to write a lot about me, about my life experiences, about things that keep me up at night, flood my brain while I am working out… blah blah blah blah….. B.O.R.I.N.G.

Blogging is tough.  You are exposed and for some (me) it is extremely difficult.  Writing into a tunnel, not knowing who is reading, who is impacted.  I don’t write about me because I think about me a lot  – it’s actually quite the opposite.  I write because it has helped.  It has helped the mourning process, it has helped others (people have told me –  I promise!), and it has helped me document some of life’s learnings that at one point or another, will help my kiddos.

So – enough about ME. This blog is about others.  It’s about others who I look up to, who are passionate and goal oriented.  The ones, among many others, that keep me striving for more.  And they don’t just succeed in endurance events or coaching…. They are well balanced individuals who most would say…. “Do it all”.  And, they do.  What impresses me above all is what I’m about to mention (the goals they have achieved) isn’t even their “#1”. They are wives, moms, and some of the best friends you can find.

So, in no particular order…..

1). One of my dear friends I’ve known longer than half my life (yikes I’m old!) recently completed the Kona Ironman.  She has dreamed about it for years, and as she said so herself “three times is a charm” (in her attempt to qualify).  She did it!!! I followed her vicariously for her training leading up to the big one and it could’ve been more fun than racing myself (and easier!).  This girl has a heart of gold, and the perseverance of no other.  She has been a leader since I met her… Always that one step ahead (literally and figuratively).  I just knew she deserved to toe that start line, and show the world what she has to offer.  You would think that’s impressive in itself but what is really impressive is outside of the training and racing.,,,,. A gorgeous soul, the cutest, most respectful kids you have ever seen, clients who think she is the cats meow (she is), a supportive husband, and (if you aren’t already barfing) has the most organized house, and….. And…..AND!! Simply said, PUT TOGETHER.  In every sense of the term. One I aspire to be….

2). One of my friends of 10 years recently got voted (out of 1,000) the Brooks Inspiring Coach of the Year.  Not just in the state of California, or among local high schools – but out of the ENTIRE pool of High School cross country coaches in the nation.  How freakin’ cool is that??  The best part is her runners sent in the materials without even telling her.   They didn’t want her help, they knew she would deny the fact she had a chance at winning.  So humble this friend!  If you ever see her “in action”, she truly is amazing.  These athletes look up to her in way more ways than doing their best at a meet…. She has influenced them outside of running, teaching them those life-long values that they are sure to never forget.    It’s nice that she was recognized outside of her circle, allowing her to understand that what she gives these kids is worth it.  Looking forward to her coaching my kids in 7-10 years.  🙂

2) One of my friends who recently completed a long term goal of hers, famously called “The Leadville 100”.  No, that isn’t a typo.  100 miles. ON FOOT.    She is a mom to two great kids, a wife who brags about her hubby constantly, a coach who inspires daily, an elite, competitive athlete (clearly), and beautiful – inside and out.  Honestly, her race day photos (from Ironman none the less) look like they should be published on the cover of “elite athletic models” magazine (if it existed).  The cool thing is I remember talking to her last year and she told me – point blank – I’m going to get in the lottery to complete the 100 mile.  And, sure enough. That is exactly what she did.  Now she wants to do it again!

They will all continue doing amazing things there is no doubt in my mind.  They are already chomping at the bit I just know it!  I have just listed three people but there are so many more.  I’m inspired daily (more to come!).

Each one of these women could’ve made excuses… Busy w schoolwork, or clients, or getting a healthy meal on the table.  Tired.  dreamBut they didn’t. They set a goal and (from what I saw ) didn’t compromise much, if anything, of the life they lead (outside training and coaching).

Envious? Maybe some of you are, maybe some not. You shouldn’t be. Let their accomplishments drive you to be better.  Might not be an endurance event, or coach of the year, but it can be something.   Make a goal that relates to YOU, what you love, what you dream about.  And don’t say you aren’t good enough.  Sure, they made sacrifices.  But did they give up their world? (I.e. Family) No! They reached their goals just doing what they love. And, sometimes that is simply enough.

We can all do it. And now is the time to set those goals. I am not a fan of using negative words and you shouldn’t be either. So, read ‘me once, and never look back.

Don’t make excuses.
Don’t say I could never do that.
Don’t compare yourself.
Don’t settle.
Don’t skip your dreams.

Just DO.


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