What’s YOUR next??


What’s next?

It’s a question asked after most, if not every major life event…

Think about it, you graduate and people ask “what’s next?”
You get married, and people ask “what’s next?” (Or “when is the baby coming?”)
You have one kid, and people ask “what’s next?” (or when is #2?”)

Not quite to the caliber of any of the above… But I got the same question after I competed in Kona last year.. “So… What’s next?” Or “Did you get it out of your system?” (ha ha this one still makes me laugh – clearly you don’t know me”).

Usually I respond with the short answer of “there is still something out there for me”   And I truly believe that.  Triathlon is a true love, a true passion of mine – how can I just “move on”? Or be completely satisfied? Can’t we always strive for better?  Kona was a huge goal of mine, but goals can’t just end, right?  So my goal was to qualify (check!), to get there healthy (check!), and to finish w/ a smile (check!).  I experienced it, and it was amazing.

But now….. Drum roll… I want more.  It’s not one (Kona) and done with this girl!  tumblr_m444o9gx6W1qdg24yo1_500

So.. That’s long term.  But for now, it’s wide open.  I had a great year and I will relish in it for a bit.  I will remember, but I will move on… I have a long list of the things I want to do – some physical related, but mostly non-triathlete related.   I will probably be a little more fun, a lot less tired, and a touch more alert.   But making no promises 😉

Will I get through the list? Doubtful.  I still have dreams.  Goals. And back to where I started…. I’m not giving up on triathlon.  I love it, how could I?  It keeps me whole, sane, and grounded.   I am once again representing Betty Designs in 2015 and that alone makes me strive to be better.

And while I believe it’s important to have long term goals, it is more important to live your life each day at a time, and not be so concerned about what’s next.

I know something big is ahead, waiting for me.  But, for now, this minute, I will focus on the day.

What’s YOUR next?


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