Large bathrooms really are important. (and other bits of advice for marriage)


Most of you know about my father’s “Klaas Laws”.  But if you are just joining me now, this is all you have to know.  1.  Klaas is my maiden name.  2.  His ‘laws’ were how he truly believed would be the best way to live. and 3.  He sadly passed away 2 years ago…

I have repeated quite a few of them (Parenting Laws being my all time favorite) throughout this blog … and now it’s time to ‘reveal’ another one.

Dad had a nice little checklist in keeping his marriage strong (I know – shocker right!), and I thought that it would be a lovely thing to share on a day that reminds me just how special their bond truly was – their 51st wedding anniversary.  Even though he isn’t around to celebrate in person, I still think it’s a day TO celebrate and one no doubt my mom holds close to her heart.

My parents wedding day.  December 28th.
My parents on their wedding day.

As I have written about over and over, they did it right.  Maybe not perfectly at all hours of each and every day, but they did something that is beyond magical.  They made it look easy.  No doubt it was difficult (no one can argue life is easy) but if I could name anyone who did it with just style, it would be them.

Both my husband and I have been so fortunate to have parents reach 50th anniversaries (mine were pretty damn close and there is no doubt in my mind they would’ve reached a 75th anniversary given different circumstances).  So, when people want advice on keeping a marriage strong – look no further than those that do it best (with obviously a splash of humor).

To my friends fortunate enough to have found love – celebrate not only years, but celebrate what you have together.  Think of your own ways to keep a marriage strong… and practice what you preach.

And – maybe – add one of these to your list 🙂

Top Seven (7) Ways to Keep a Marriage Strong

7)            Don’t be afraid to try new things
6)            Don’t volunteer the spouse
5)            Enjoy each others company
4)            Make the best of the cards that are dealt
3)            Don’t take each other for granted
2)            Concentrate on what’s important
1)            Have a house with a big bathroom!

Happy Anniversary Mom.  I love you dearly and thank you for teaching me how to love and to be loved.


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