2015 – Embrace with No Regrets.


Here already. 2015.  A time when most reflect back on their year, good, bad, ugly and the in-between.  A time when some of us may experience sorrow from how fast this year went (and how fast time in general is moving) or perhaps excitement about how great the year was and what the future holds for them.  Or maybe a little bit of it all + some.

I have not really given up on resolutions per say.. but I have changed my way of thinking how I approach each new year.  I don’t think year after year of “I will get organized” or “this is my year to be healthy” is resolving anything.  For one – it’s just so basic.  Goal setting – yeah, I get it.  So generic.  So repetitive.  And – so – 1980s.  Or maybe it’s because I spent my teenage years (not exactly by choice) listening to Zig Ziglar about how to be positive.  This is why I changed my ways the last several years.  Needed spice.  Variety.

So now I just decide on a word.  One word that can mean a lot, and at the same time, cover a lot of “ground”.   A word I can think of throughout the day and it can relate to anything (and help).  I can’t remember if I share this word or not but if it’s something like resolutions where if you share them you have a better way to reach them, then – I am sharing.  Over 40, need all the help I can get right!

So – drum roll – word of this year – is EMBRACE.   embracesuck
(for example…)
Embrace how blessed and fortunate I am to have the family I do.
Embrace the pain I feel during a workout.
Embrace the pain my heart feels at the loss of my father.
Embrace the unexpected.
Embrace my friends who are always there for me.
Embrace the way my daughter squeezes my left hand (she is particular) on our walks to school.
Embrace the sound of the viola my son is practicing in the living room.
Embrace the time it takes to roll, massage, and stretch on a daily basis.
Embrace staying healthy.
Embrace my dreams.
Embrace having my Betty team on my side.
Embrace the opportunities that surround me.

and my favorite.

See how it works?  I want you, my readers, my friends, to Embrace your life.  Make good choices,  dream big, and have one heck of an amazing 2015.

Happy New Year!!


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