Friday the 13th. Lucky? Unlucky? You get to decide. (I am still debating about Thursday the 12th)


It’s a cyclists worst nightmare.

You are going on a ride at a good clip and trying to stay out of traffic to the left, when a person sitting in a parked car swings open their (big a*s) door and you hit it  head on realizing you are no longer connected to your bike.  Or anything else (except the cement).

That’s what happened to me.  And this is how it went.

“DOOR!” (my friend shouts)
Boom.  CLANK.  “SH*T”

My friend reminded me of this scene in "This is 40". Yes, this is a pretty decent visual of what happened, minus the fact he got paid a lot of money and didn't get hurt :)
My friend reminded me of this scene in “This is 40”. Yes, this is a pretty decent visual of what happened, minus the fact he got paid a lot of money and didn’t get hurt 🙂

Not sure how I couldn’t see it unfolding (Actually, I can.  His car windows were tinted black so you couldn’t see anyone in there).
Not sure how I clipped out of my pedals that quick and didn’t hit my friend or incoming cars (athlete instinct?).
Not sure how I landed in front of the car and not through his window (nor how my bike landed about 8 ft in front of me).
Not sure how graceful I was in my dismount (clearly graceful enough to not break any bones).
Not sure how my bike made it out without being cracked in two (truth soon to be told by my bike mechanic).
Not sure how long I laid there before it dawned on me that my ride was over (I didn’t actually get to finish my long ride and I couldn’t accept it).

I must admit I wasn’t having a totally awesome ride.  I was dropped within the first 20 minutes and my legs felt like bricks (maybe I just needed the sun out!).   With 2 weeks before race time, it is usual to feel clammy, heavy, and slow – so I was OK with it.  Today was a long ride day so I just wanted to enjoy being out there, and embracing the taper that was soon to come.    About an hour into the ride, I ditched the boys, and met up with a dear girlfriend just before sunrise.  It must be noted that it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We decided to stay mostly up in the hills of PV to avoid the morning traffic, then we cut it down by the coast – again to avoid morning travelers in a rush to work.  Ironically, it wasn’t a stressed out ‘got to get to work’ person that opened their door.  It was a runner.  An athlete.  Someone who wanted to get that euphoria out of their morning workout.

It all happened so fast, yet I have this reoccurring “flashback” if you will of:
“DOOR!” (my friend shouts)
Boom.  CLANK.  “SH*T”
And a visual to match.

It isn’t pretty.  Why do we always have flashbacks of terrible things?  Why not after I got married did I close my eyes every night and have the “will you take this man to be….” visions?  Why did I not have visions of the doctor handing me our baby seconds after he was born?  What about crossing the finish line in Kona?  I have to bring that to the forefront of my memory bank.  All moments I will never forget… yet I am haunted by the moments I want to soon forget.  Why is that?

Believe me.   I am so grateful for so many things… #1 my Rudy Helmet.  Holy cow wear your helmets people!!!!  It looks like someone pounded it into the cement.  (well…..).   Although I had a minor concussion and my head is still throbbing… it could’ve been way worse.   #2 My friend Faye.  Thank goodness she was with me that morning.  She lives about 2 miles away and was able to get a friend there to help us within minutes.
And.. of course… #3 grateful to make it out alive.  I’ll take a concussion and scrapes and bruises and aches and pains any day.

I don’t want to be that person “at least they were doing what they loved”.  Yes, I love cycling.  But what I love most is being with my husband and my kids.  I couldn’t wait to give them all big squeezes yesterday.  My son this morning said “how are you feeling?”. I said “well, my head is slightly better, but my body feels like it got hit by a truck”.
“Well mom, that’s good.  Without a head you would be dead”.
Ahh nice.  A poet in his own sense.  And we talked about how cool it was I was standing in front of them, right then, right there, after what I had gone through just 24 hours earlier.

I felt so unlucky yesterday.  My legs felt like lead, I got a flat tire 20 minutes or so before my crash, and… well.. the rest you’ve heard.  But was I unlucky? Yes, for what happened.  But was I lucky?!  HELL YEAH.  No, I didn’t win the lottery, but someone was for sure looking out for me (thanks dad, my guardian angel).  It could’ve been worse.  It can always be worse.  Like life, it’s how you look at it.  Glass half full or half empty?
Right now it feels pretty empty… but I know my glass is full  – even though it may have a very small leak :).

So all I can give you is this.   Fill your glass to the top, wear your helmet, look before you open your door, and take your pain pills.

Stay tuned.



One thought on “Friday the 13th. Lucky? Unlucky? You get to decide. (I am still debating about Thursday the 12th)

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  1. Jen,

    Oh dear girl- rest and walk for a few days. Please let me know if you need anything- a chi latte or someone to walk with. I am so impressed you were there today but you need to heal. Sleep and slow are good for now

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