The Meaning of March

This is how I went into March – positive and ready.

I have been meaning to write an Oceanside 70.3 race report for a few weeks now but since the page would basically be blank I had a hard time even putting my thoughts on paper (I dropped out a few days before the race… reluctantly).

You see, ever since my father passed away a few years ago, I have done something in honor of him. He was admitted into the hospital March 3rd, and passed away on March 25th. Not to mention my birthday on March 30th and his on April 5th (go Aries!). So – something about March / April just always hits a cord with me. I feel like I can get through it if I have something specific to focus on – something that challenges me, something different, and something he might’ve known was on my bucket list.  Sort of a seize the day kind of thing.

The first year was raising money for Multiple Myeloma and participating in the Alcatraz Triathlon (in 40 degree temps mind u!) and 40x100s on my birthday.

Second year was riding my bike 75+ miles a day for 3 days (and also swimming and biking) followed by a half marathon race on his birthday.

This year was different.  I had big intentions to have a great race in Oceanside (Half Ironman) when life took a different direction and instead offered me the challenge of recovering from a bike crash.    My March plans were not only ruined but instead I was sidelined in bed not able to do much of anything.

This is where Ragnar really started to matter.  Earlier this year I had signed up to do the Ragnar Ultra Relay, which consisted of running 200 ish miles from Huntington Beach to San Diego with a group of 5 other athletes. This was scheduled for April 10/11 so gave me a little time post injury to recover and decide whether or not to go through with it.Ragnar-SoCal-Run-Drive-Sleep-REPEAT

Ragnar Ultra was on my list for quite some time, yet I never really moved forward with it. I tried to get a team together a few years ago and there were no bites so I reluctantly gave it up. This year, with Nuun as a sponsor and my friend Faye ready to jump on board, we decided to go after it! I started planning, and soon found that planning can be the hardest part.  Not saying running 200 ish miles isn’t hard…. But there became quite a lot of obstacles in just getting TO the start line.  Organizing 6 people, actually FINDING 5 people was tough (yes, we were picky).  At one point, I thought we’d have to cancel the entire thing.  My “dream” was over! (Not to be too dramatic but I really did want to do this).  We were losing runners by the second (or so it felt). People got sick, injured, other family activities interfered.  Yet Faye was always in.  She wanted it too.  We did discuss throwing in the towel at one point (we can’t run 200 miles with 2 people).  I mean, maybe this just wasn’t my year….

Love this girl!!!
Love this girl!!!

Then I remembered some advice my father gave me, and knew I had to do it.

* On our wedding day, when the wind was blowing madly, and the skies were about to rain.  I asked him for advice, “what do you think I should do?” (Wedding indoors or out, not whether I should marry the guy :)). His response “You always wanted to get married outside.  What’s your question?”.  *

And so the journey began.  I’d always wanted to do Ragnar.  It WAS going to happen.

So, point being. There will always be SOMETHING in the way. You will always question yourself (or a lot of the time anyways). Sometimes you just have to push forward with all intentions of just seeing what happens. Here, there was no worst-case scenario. We just run and run until we can’t run anymore… tumblr_mm0k82VixA1qh0nqko1_500

So, that is the story to the madness behind Ragnar.

Click here for the story of our 2 days of running, driving, sleeping, and eating…



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