Being busy, living in the moment, and life size teddy bears

It’s no good when I start several blogs with….. “wow it’s been a while”.

I can’t be the only one… right?!  I just read this article about “busy is a sickness” (  so I have tried to make a mental note to never say “I’m busy”.   People don’t really care…. EVERYONE has their own degrees of “being busy” right?  In the article, she talks about how we can control our “busy”.   It is, overall, a self created stress.  My favorite part is the end:
“So my prayer today is this. That I stop defining myself by my doing but by my being. That I stop measuring time by the clock on the wall, but by the experiences I share with those around me.   And stop seeing my life as “busy” and instead, see it for what it truly is.  Full.”  Busy-Quote

So, I haven’t written only because I have just been “being”.  😉

OK.  Lots to catch up on.

Recap:  Earlier this year I was training for a bucket list race, Oceanside.  It’s an early season race so I have never really been ready to train when January rolls around but as luck would have it (or not) a case of bronchitis took me down in Sept/Oct last year so I was ready to get after it when the New Year came!  It didn’t quite go as planned, I got “car-doored” and wasn’t able to race.

Towards the end of May I decided to sign up for a local Olympic for several reasons.  1)  It was free (love the lifetime free race reward for being series winner!).  2)  It is close (I could wake up at 5:45am which is virtually sleeping in).  3)  I wanted to get over my fear of cycling outside  (I knew this needed to happen sooner than later).  and 4) I realized I hadn’t done a race since Worlds in Sept.   That is 8 months!!! A long time.  Not racing was becoming my new norm and I didn’t like it.

The quick version is I had a decent race – faster then previous years and got 2nd overall female.  But more importantly I realized I DO like racing.  I like training.  And I want to keep on with this crazy nutty sport.

My fellow Betty teammate rocking the PINK!!!
My fellow Betty teammate rocking the PINK!!!

Moving on….. I signed up for another Olympic (since the first one was so much fun ha ha) race 2 weeks later in Orange County.  My training regime was more “do what you can when you can” then a systematic approach.  Probably not something I would advocate to my own clients…. but being self-coached, I needed a change.  I was roller coasting through the craziness of motherhood (and adulthood in general) and had limited time to train, and didn’t want to be ‘stressed’ about missing anything.  If you don’t plan, then you don’t miss, right!  It worked out to my advantage.

The race was a good one and kept me floating on a cloud for a few days.  I just FELT good out there.  I felt STRONG.   I ENJOYED it.  I SMILED.  And I WON.  A GIANT LIFE SIZE TEDDY BEAR.  No joke.  First place overall female and I am on the podium smiling and over walked the event director with a very large GIANT LIFE SIZE TEDDY BEAR. IMG_5525 Thinking of my daughter back at home (who has over 100 stuffed animals, all very dear to her) I just giggled.  It was an awesome event for a great cause – Children’s Hospital.  I’ve been in touch with them so my daughter can share the love with some of her own stuffed animals and books.  It could have been one of the more touching events I have ever been to…..    It was a good.  good. day.IMG_5521

Moving on… life looking good…. training hard, going to bed earlier and earlier to accommodate my early mornings… and summer finally happening!!  Next race: Vineman 70.3.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks, 2 days before Vineman (last week) I went on a very easy run and felt a snap in my calf.  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!   Ironically, my car door accident was 2 weeks, 2 days before Oceanside.   So close, yet so far.  Finally feeling “in shape” and ready to get after it in a half ironman (being robbed earlier this year) and THIS happens.   Staying positive, trying to fix it, and taking my own advice of ONE DAY AT A TIME.  People ask what am I going to do about Vineman and I don’t want to go there.  Not yet.

In 9 days I will let you know.


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