We went to Whole Foods for a breakfast burrito and left with a puppy.

AA6834BB-0E90-4765-B86F-69E9F2D05AAFOk, that’s not exactly the way it happened. We WANTED to leave with a puppy. But that would’ve been the title about a year ago (when we were at Whole Foods getting a breakfast burrito and the cutest puppy is staring at us outside from a local rescue). And from there on… every Sunday we would look at puppies… But that particular day we went home “puppy-less”.

Flash forward five months- It is no surprise to many of my friends we got a puppy, it has been on the list for a while (with a very scared momma).

Most of us know the scenario:

kid: “mom, when can we have a dog?”

mom: “when you are 9” (kid is only 5 at the time so 9 will not be soon right? right?


kid “mom, everyone else has a dog, why can’t we?”

mom “everyone else hates their dog”


kid “mom, i PROMISE to look after it. pleasssssseeeeee. I will pay for it. I have $40 saved up”.

Mom “do you have any idea…….”

Maybe one of you?

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras

FullSizeRender 3We lost our dog about 4 years ago and I just wasn’t ready. Then again, truly.. when ARE you ready? Is life ever so simple that you have all the time in the world to sit and walk, rub bellies, throw a ball and take him/her to the dog park? Life isn’t that simple, but the answer is yes. Everyone has time, if they want the time.
We have now had little Chip for a little over 5 months. I found him on a rescue website and we (my son and I) made an appointment to go visit him over the weekend. Yes, I was nervous. I will never forget my son looking over at me and saying “mom! what is wrong with you? why are you so scared?”. He could see it in my face!! Excited, scared, nervous…. I knew what was ahead (barking, peeing, up all night, etc.). I wanted a dog. I didn’t. Bad timing. OI!!!

I will never forget picking him up and holding him. My son asking “this is the one, right?” being prepared I might just say no (yeah right). Having my son hold him in the car as we went shopping for new puppy gear (we had nothing which was such a joy in itself to shop together)…. it was all so memorable. So awesome.

Chip's First Hike! Happy Happy!!
Chip’s First Hike! Happy Happy!!

I started writing this several months ago so clearly he has taken up a lot of time. I mean A LOT. My morning runs don’t happen quite as often, I feel guilty leaving the house to run errands, the training has been a big commitment (And time suck who are we kidding), and I have another life thing to worry about & keep healthy. I’m a mom after all. He has rocked our world. In only the best way.
As difficult as it is having a puppy, he warms our heart daily. Sure, I miss some runs, but I have been able to have an entire new perspective on walking. I have relaxed a bit more with a cuddly little guy lying next to me. His greeting and that tail wag is without a doubt energizing.

The family is smitten and no doubt it has already been worth it.

So…. Thinking about it? Go get yourself a breakfast burrito 🐶



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