Nostalgic March



March…. for those that have followed me throughout the past several years (or for my friends – decades!) they know March is one of those months I have a love / hate relationship with.  On February 29th, 2016 I was out with the family and declared with a sneaky smile it’s almost my “Birthday Month”.   birthdaymonth  My husband had the look of “here we go again….”.  But…   I LOVE birthdays!  I think they SHOULD be celebrated, whether young or old!  I even wrote about it: (or I think I did… can’t seem to find it).

I just don’t think I like mine so much anymore.  It’s way more fun celebrating OTHER people.   And I realized I don’t feel anything like I felt on February 29th now that it is March 23rd.  (I for sure should’ve blogged w. happiness then!)  It is more fun anticipating the birthday and talking about it than anything else!  Unless you are an 8 year old getting to go to Disneyland for the first time.  🙂

The month of March is just tough.   It is the month that marks my father’s passing several years ago. Since then, I try new things to get through “it”… I sign up for charity rides, big projects, race Alcatraz Triathlon, a training camp, etc. etc. I always want to FILL it with adventures.  Am I just filling the void I have since my dad passed?!  Or creating new memories & giving myself strength in a time of weakness?  I like to say the latter.  Because doing things that make you happy should fill you with strength (and love, and power).

There have certainly been some ups and downs these past few weeks (but honestly who doesn’t have ups and downs!).  None of it horrible, because I know, I KNOW there can always be worse.   So I try to stay on the bright side and live with smiles.    img_9069

Few of my ‘not so bright’ chain of unfortunate events… :

– Fell off my bike, little beat up on the shoulder, wrist, and knee (I would say crash but it’s not worthy of a crash since it was just me… falling…. but I WAS moving for you funny people out there)

–  Stomach flu (sandwiched in between both kids having it – go figure, eh?)

–  Sore throat into chest infection into some crazy sort of gastritis (which I am denying because it is caused by a lot of alcohol, cigarette, caffeine, poor diet, etc. etc.  WHAT?!!!  So unfair)

Approx 3-4 days off for each fun “episode”, means I have actually been training 50% this month.  More days off than I would have preferred.  But let’s not go there.  Not relevant.   Life happens.

The thought did enter my mind though  “I can’t wait for March to be over”.  Then I snapped out of it – what a terrible way to live, hoping something is over before it even begins.   My dad always said “Make it a Great Day.”  Not have a nice day, but MAKE it.  It is what YOU create.

make it a great day


March just hits me home harder. It just is.  But I will make the most of March.  I will embrace the suck and relish in the good. As my friend does the “triple speak”, I will I will I WILL!

And the good news?!!  OH plenty!!!

img_8963Best day of the month was watching my daughter and dear friend giggle and have sweaty palms together getting their ears pierced.  One 4o something, one 8 something.  Cutest thing ever that I will forever cherish.


A dear Betty friend from Canada came to play in Manhattan Beach for a week.  I was bummed to be out of commission for most of it, but at the same time just so extremely lucky to have cycled two beautiful days around SoCal with her and another Betty.  How lucky to have met these fabulous women!!  img_8999We had lunch, went on a run, grabbed ice cream, tea, smoothies, flax seed sandwiches….(envious?!).   Both these gals provided sunshine in an otherwise gloomy period of my life.  Yeah!!!

I GET to race Oceanside.  God willing, my body will be healed and healthy enough to toe that start line.  Guessing it won’t be the race I originally wanted but that is OK!   Right now it is about GETTING there.  Starting.  Lining up.  Giving it my all and smiling along the way.   Having fun and remembering why I do triathlon in the first place (sometimes we all need a little reminder).



Kids are healthy…. hubby happy…. and I currently have a little pup cuddled up next to me. Life is good.







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