Takeaways from Oceanside 70.3

All my race gear set out the night before!                       (Gotta love the Sponsors – Betty Designs for the badass kit, Nuun to stay hydrated all day, Roka to stay warm in those chilly seas, and Rudy to protect the noggin’!!!)

It’s already been more than a week since crossing that finish line in Oceanside!!?  I “wrote” the race report in my head while biking that course (you have to think about something for 2 1/2 hours), yet it more or less erased the minute I crossed the finish line…  If only I could’ve put those thoughts to paper immediately!!  Since then, I have indulged a bit..relaxed.. and enjoyed Spring Break… all well deserved (or so I keep telling myself!).


I believe It is important to race AND rest AND have laughs during the process.   I went to a yoga class the week prior to the race and the instructor talked about making choices.  “You chose to be here.  Will you choose to make the most out of it?”.  I decided to take this tactic for race day.  Sometimes I let frustration get the most of me.  I have self doubt that I didn’t do enough, and then resent the fact I didn’t have time to do enough.  BUT I CHOOSE TO DO THIS.  So why not make the most of the day?!  And so I did.  🙂choose

Race reports can become quite boring so I am just going to keep this “simple”.  You don’t need to hear about the wind blowing, or my day at check-in, or my pre-race meal so I’ll spare you the details….

Thoughts I took away from racing Oceanside 70.3:

– Don’t wear clear goggles in a race when the sun is rising.  Rookie move Jen!  I turned around the 1/2 way buoy and couldn’t see anything except that blazing bright sun rising!  I was pretty sure I was around swimmers, but at that point I had lost my sighting of any girls in my age group and it all just seemed like a total cluster.  Oh yeah, it wasn’t “smooth calm bay waters” either.  CHOP!!!  So, smokey goggles next time.  And maybe a surf board 😉

– Everyone needs a sherpa.  Mine was a friend who was supposed to be racing, but unfortunately was sidelined due to an injury.

Cortney & I post race!

Last year, we were both spectators so watching her cheering & shouting I could so relate what was going through her mind.  I think it was the “go faster so we can have a margarita” comment that made me smile most.  Keepin’ it real.  Because at the end of the day it’s really about having fun (And margaritas!).

College friend drove up to watch me on the podium & post race celebration! #goodtohavefriends

–  We had the honor of being able to ride throughout Camp Pendleton nearly the entire bike course.  If I were to ever be a Marine, I would no doubt want to be stationed at Camp Pendleton.  Holy cow – those roads! Those views!  That scenery is absolutely out of this world (I tried to find a photo of the bike course but didn’t happen. Maybe next year I’ll wear the GoPro!).

– Yes, that bike course is amazing.  The hills are massive, but the roads are smooth.  It has potential to be windy, yet it’s not all one direction so you won’t always be in a headwind.   The athletes were supportive, and it most certainly helped to have a bright pink & orange Betty Designs team kit.  Everyone knows — look good, feel good.  Hey, wearing Betty really does make you feel incredible, not to mention people cheering for me that otherwise probably wouldn’t have.  WIN / WIN.

 – Going into a race with a calm, mellow, “not bothered” attitude is the way to go.  “Run your own race”.  As my close friends can tell you, the weeks leading up this race weren’t some of my best.  So – I went in with little expectation merely expecting to have an amazing time doing what I love.   And I promised myself to love every step of the way..  Racing has taken on new meaning lately and it was a good reminder that I am lucky to be healthy enough to toe the start line (as most of us crazies that do this are).

–  Oceanside is a fabulous place to race.  Yes, it is early in the season (hence my first time racing here).  Yes, it has the risk of being cold (we got “lucky”).  But the crowds, the scenery, and the proximity to my own house made it A+.  Not to mention all the Bettys!!!  What rockstars during the race and how fun to celebrate with everyone after!!! WIN, WIN, WIN!

–  I ended up sneaking a podium finish which was – quite honestly – best case scenario.  Based off my previous months, I still had a goal (everyone should always have a goal), but the goal wasn’t super extreme.  It wasn’t to win, it wasn’t to break 5 hours….    And for me to finish healthy, podium, and relatively decent time – I was thrilled!!!!

img_9176Ready to move onward and upward and keep the smiles rolling.


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