View from within – Tour de Pier 2016


I’m delayed in posting this, once again that time issue… But I think it’s better this way.. If I was to post it right after the event, it would still be fresh for everyone. Now, weeks following the Tour de Pier, some people (I imagine) have probably went back to their daily running “arounds”… With the impact still there, yet slowly fading (let’s bring back the energy!). I think everyone who made it down to the Pier that Sunday would admit – in four short years – it has achieved status of the best event in MB. (I know – big words right!?!!).

But, seriously, raising over a million dollars in 5 hours. Wow!!! 😳 I can’t NOT write about it… So here u have it. From the view on the bike.

I had the privilege of being on a sub stage (smaller than the main stage, yet high up!). I didn’t have the view of the ocean, the beach, nor the pier (if you are riding outside not going anywhere at least u wish for an ocean view right?)…. But I got a view much better. I was given the view of looking into the massive crowd of riders in front of me.


Now you might think it was just “another” spin class. Some of the charity spin events I have done in the past were just that, a spin class with a donation on top. Not to take anything away from that — anything raising money (tied in with fitness too – double win win) for charity is amazing. What I am saying is this was SO. MUCH. MORE.

The Team!!


If you were there, you know what I’m talking about. Yes, it was over 1500 people. And, yes, there were 500 bikes covering the parking lot north and south of the Pier. img_0021There were celebrities, yogi flash mobs, roller derby pros, dancers, UCLA cheerleaders, LA Ram cheerleaders, pro football players, the list goes on and on. There were tents full of games for kids, water for thirsty spinners, towels donated, and a valet bike lot. But all that’s just subsidiary to what I got to see from my satellite stage.

The event kicked off at 8:30am Sunday morning. By 7am, crowds were hopping, excitement went thru the air, and bikes were starting to fill up. I instantly saw friends ready to embark on their journey. Not the journey about riding a bike for an hour (or in some cases the entire five hours), but the journey of them spending the morning dedicated towards the good ole shitty fight for cancer.img_0225

And that was what it was all about. I’m guessing everyone there has been (sadly) touched by cancer. Whether themselves, a family member, a friend, or a neighbor, they have been “touched”. As my friend said to me years ago (I didn’t like it at the time, but I reluctantly get it)…. welcome to the “f cancer club.” The goal today is to make this “club” start to slow down. Decline in growth. Make it all go away.


Proud to ride in front of these amazing teams & friends of mine                             – Julie’s Angels and Team Chinny –  


And when the first song started – drums going – we all dug deep.   Our fearless leader Michael motivated people and at the same time made us all think:

“What would you give?” he asked.


What would we give to end people suffering. What would we give to take the pain away. To rid the world of cancer.   Kids were able to make posters of what they would give – and we all know kids perspectives are bar none, always amazing. Magical. There were words of hope, drawings of yummy ice cream, sunny skies, band aids, flowers – all meaningful, all gorgeous!! This touched home with me big time. The day my father passed away, there was a rainbow outside the hospital window. A full rainbow mind you.   To me, it was a sign of hope. Of strength. A sign to move forward and to never give up.   Rainbows are quite meaningful to me and the family. When given this “assignment” of what they could draw, without any encouragement from their momma, my kids grabbed the paper and excitedly started drawing. What did we have? Two beautiful rainbow drawings. My children, too, understand even through painful times, we still find hope.


Powerful stuff.

What a way to kick off the event! Already emotional within the first ten minutes!! Beautiful way to get the kids involved by having them walk around holding these posters high and with pride!! What a site.


Spin. Push.  Listen.  Remember.  I had put in my song request without thinking how hard it would impact me up on stage. All I’m saying is thank goodness for sunglasses.  🙂


There is a time, a time to love,

A time to sing, a time to shine,

A time to leave, a time to stay,

There is a time, a time to cry

A time to love, a time to live

There is a time, a time to sing.

— Mumford & Sons


And so it went, feelings of sadness, love, life and pain. The next 4 hours were equally as amazing as the first. You are allowed to cry. You are also allowed to have a ton of enthusiasm.


Who knew several years ago that two guys with a dream would create something with such an impact. They had a dream to raise $ for (or rather against) cancer.   Who knew their dream would originally raise over $500k the first year? And in four short years has now exceeded the goal of 1 million dollars.

I highly recommend you come out and join in next year.   You might just get a glimpse inside someone’s soul, or even your own.




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