The Vineman 70.3 Race Report.

Yup! That’s me!
Sporting my Roka!


I have been writing race reports for, hmmm, guessing over 10 years now, and I can tell you it is much easier to write about the successful races vs. the, um, not so successful ones. Duh, right? Who wants to write about failure and disappointment?  So, it took me a while to post anything about the race.   Not that I failed, but in my heart & head I didn’t do what I wanted and I struggled with that. Took a while to be ok with it and now of course I am laughing at being upset about something so trivial. Race, what race?!

When I finally got around to posting… I spoke about the lack of La Crema at the awards ceremony (a staple at this particular race). You podium, you get a fancy box that includes a bottle of La Crema’s very finest.   My swim coach asked me the other morning: “So, how was the race?”

Me: “Good. Not great. But good.” (trying to find the silver lining)Him: “Was it because you didn’t get that bottle of wine like you thought you would?”

Me: “Ha ha, that was just the icing on the cake”

Was it the wine? Naaaah. Of course not. I was thrilled to learn I had a podium finish (5th) when I originally thought I was in 8th or 9th at the finish. And a podium at Vineman always equals a bottle of wine for the celebration! (except this time). But, again, not a deal breaker. Podium is podium! Goal was a podium finish. Check!   This race especially has some speedy chicks in my age group and I was thrilled to inch my way onto that podium.   My friend reminded me I would’ve gotten 2nd if they counted it as 41-44. Silver lining.

So, the story sounds good so far, eh?   Why did it take so long to write about this again? I am slowly, day by day, finding the positive in Sunday’s race. Not like me to be negative and Debbie downer. And how silly to be upset over a) a race and b) a half decent race. So I snapped out of it… thanks to friends and family. I went into this race the strongest I have ever felt. Injury free. Extremely high expectations (hence the disappointment).   I went in wanting to PR. I went in wanting to feel awesome. I went in with some powerful hard working months before this. I went in with a NEW BIKE! I went in wanting to “kill” the run (because apparently, according to Facebook, most of my friends wanted me tooJ). I was ready and Fired Up!!!

pre-ride with some of my fav Bettys!


My daughter before the race “Mom, the only thing that can stop you is yourself”. What a gem.

So, when I finished both her and my son said “Great race Mom! Podium!” I wasn’t exactly over the moon on the phone so she of course asked “Mom, did you stop yourself?”

Gotta love kiddos.

I don’t think I stopped myself. I don’t think it was as awful as it felt the minutes, hours after I finished. I don’t think I want to quit anymore. I think I just had an “off” day. And every day can’t be perfect, right?

So thank goodness people knocked me to my senses!!   Thanks to my dear friend who knew I was disappointed and allowed me to be (for an hour). Thanks to my husband who shared in my frustration but also pointed out all the good things that happened. Thanks to my dear friend who almost spent $1k just to fly out and be my Sherpa and keep me company. And all the wonderful texts that followed me around throughout the day: “Proud of you for not giving up”

My amazing Betty sherpa!

“Great job Jen, looked like consistent splits”

“Amazing time and position”

“Looks like you had a lot of awesome today. Focus on that”

“Some days not giving up when we are off is the biggest success”

“There were some beasts out there and you were on the podium!”

“Congrats!! I know you wanted top 3 and I am sorry, but you are Amazeballs”


Equally thankful for Betty teammates.   Some serious butt slapping and high fives along the course! Not to mention a particular Betty who stepped up and took me under her wing for the weekend and let me stay with her when my other plans were foiled. The Betty who brought me to get my bike from TriBike and drove me back (And forth) because I left my Betty bag (ohhhh the irony).   The Betty who drove me 45 minutes to the race site the day before just to drop off our bikes. The Betty who hung out with me the hours post race before awards talking me off the edge. The Betty who brought me a beer in an empty Beet Juice bottle post race (shhhhh). The Betty who kept me laughing as I waited to pick up my morning clothes bag.   The Betty who texted me all day Saturday to let me know we were going to be “virtually racing” together and I had better kick some ass. The Betty who took me to dinner post race and didn’t talk a second about triathlons.   Discussions that matter; family, vacations, and friends.   All this, and so much more.   So, not your typical race report.   There were definitely more downs than ups. But right now I am focusing on UP! I have 5 weeks to go till Worlds and a lot to do and focus on before then. #readyforaustralia

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for helping me get my positive Mojo back!!!!


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