Me:  “trying to decide if I should race this weekend” Hubby:  “yes, of course you should. easy answer. sign up” Me: “weather is supposed to be cold, might rain, and lake is in the 50s” Hubby: “suck it up”. And that’s when I signed up.  4 days before a Half Ironman called HITS in Palm... Continue Reading →


  Lessons from my 7 Month Training "Sabbatical" One year ago I experienced an eye-opening break from my typical routine. I like to call it a "Sabbatical" because that can be defined as such: "Sabbatical: a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year." This is specific to triathlon... Continue Reading →

Gotta love the Tennessee local hospitality.  Lots of "y'all" and "fixin to" and "you want sweet tea with that?"....  I even got carded a few times. To catch you up a bit (it has been ages since I have written last) - this race was more about getting to the start line than the finish... Continue Reading →

Less IS More

    Slow Down Less IS more . I thought of a few titles for this blog…. “Ironman to Couch Potato”.  Or “100 to zero overnight”.  Or “What the FH@*$&*$@&$ is happening to me?” I came home from swimming the other day and hubby asked me how it was.  He knew my look all too... Continue Reading →

The Vineman 70.3 Race Report.

  I have been writing race reports for, hmmm, guessing over 10 years now, and I can tell you it is much easier to write about the successful races vs. the, um, not so successful ones. Duh, right? Who wants to write about failure and disappointment?  So, it took me a while to post anything... Continue Reading →

View from within – Tour de Pier 2016

I'm delayed in posting this, once again that time issue... But I think it’s better this way.. If I was to post it right after the event, it would still be fresh for everyone. Now, weeks following the Tour de Pier, some people (I imagine) have probably went back to their daily running “arounds”... With... Continue Reading →

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