Worlds, Wine, & Deja Vu…. 2015 Vineman Race Report

Ahhh, the great feeling of post race body aches.Β Β  That was two weeks ago.. Now (on holiday) I am missing that feeling!Β  I think Vineman has become one of those races that keeps me sane, happy and truth be told - keeps me going in this sport.Β  I have finished this particular 70.3 several times... Continue Reading →


Vineman… Ready or ….!πŸ˜³πŸŠπŸ»πŸš΅πŸ»πŸƒπŸ½πŸ·

   As I write this... I am on my way to swim, bike, and run my little heart out in a little town called Santa Rosa (🍷)!! Yup, I decided to go for it.  As a dear friend told me, there will always be risks during racing... You will come out having a great race,... Continue Reading →

Ragnar Ultra “Race” Report

And so our journey begins...Β  6 people.Β  One van. 2 days. 1 night. 200 miles. Didn't get a chance to read why I signed up for this mess?Β  Click Here. Let me begin by saying I couldn't have had a better team. Β Β They were positive, fun, witty, competitive, smart, and - fast. Β And when you... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of March

I have been meaning to write an Oceanside 70.3 race report for a few weeks now but since the page would basically be blank I had a hard time even putting my thoughts on paper (I dropped out a few days before the race… reluctantly). You see, ever since my father passed away a few... Continue Reading →

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