Gotta love the Tennessee local hospitality.  Lots of "y'all" and "fixin to" and "you want sweet tea with that?"....  I even got carded a few times. To catch you up a bit (it has been ages since I have written last) - this race was more about getting to the start line than the finish... Continue Reading →


Words from “Down Under” – 70.3 World Championships

Race report from Worlds 70.3…. I am at a total loss of words of how to even write this. I want to stay happy & cheerful, but – well – it wasn’t that kind of experience!!  I will try and just stay honest. Regardless, I will start with the positive – because there was a... Continue Reading →

  Race report from IM Austin 70.3   My friend sent me a text the night before the race that said "Good luck tomorrow! Make the trip worth it!" (It had been a long week and the thought of “is it really worth this much effort” did enter my mind). Make the trip worth it.... Continue Reading →

Je me souviens, I remember, is the official motto of Quebec.  It reminds us to remember the lessons of the past.  During the opening ceremonies, they emphasized how they wanted us to embrace je me souviens and allow its message to be part of our own personal story: "Remember your journey and the lessons you have... Continue Reading →

Reflections from Pier-to-Pier

Pier-to-Pier, for those of you out-of-towners, is (apart from the obvious swimming from one pier to the next) a 2 mile ocean swim, from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach. It's not one of my favs (ocean swimming that is...) but it's in my backyard (more or less) and good training so every year I sign... Continue Reading →

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