Alcatraz Triathlon Race Report – March 3rd, 2013

Alcatraz is a race like no other. In fact, I'm not entirely sure it even felt like a race. Here is my story.... The anxiety race week was high. There were reports of water temp being somewhere around 49/50 degrees. If anyone has ever been in an ice bath, let me just say that temp... Continue Reading →


52 degrees, sharks, and the beauty of the skyline

I keep getting these emails from the Alcatraz Triathlon. Wanna feel ill? Read the emails. So, the first one said "Congratulations!! You are officially entered into the Alcatraz Triathlon"! OK. Fair enough. I mean it was my decision to enter this race right? Like I said in blogs earlier... we don't HAVE to do anything.... Continue Reading →

Race to Alcatraz

You know that childhood question "who is your hero?". Well, my answer was always my dad. I am now trying to be his hero by combating the disease that took his life not long ago. My father was diagnosed on March 3rd with Multiple Myeloma (an incurable plasma cell cancer). He lost the battle a... Continue Reading →

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