The Meaning of March

I have been meaning to write an Oceanside 70.3 race report for a few weeks now but since the page would basically be blank I had a hard time even putting my thoughts on paper (I dropped out a few days before the race… reluctantly). You see, ever since my father passed away a few... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year!

Summer is officially over... It was two weeks ago that I got motivated. I wanted to sweat more, train harder, race faster. Not that I wasn't truly motivated the past few months (aka summer) but.. you know how it goes.... you start really enjoying the relaxing months of not having a schedule. You sleep in,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let a Bad Day Get You Down

So, I did it.  My first race of 2012. I went in with no expectations and realized quite a few things.  If you race without expectations, then you shouldn't be disappointed at what did or did not happen.  Right?    An expectation is defined as "the state of looking forward or anticipating".  That is exactly... Continue Reading →

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