Just Be

I used to love March. The weather starts to change, different fruits come into season, school starts to mellow out a bit, it's "in between" sports for the kids, and - oh yeah, I was born in March. Not that THAT is the reason, but don't we all kind of like the month we were... Continue Reading →


You know you are tapering when…..

'Some of the greatest battles will be fought in the silent chambers of your own soul.' - E. Benson. Taper. Defined as decreasing an athletes training load before a big race. Something all athletes look forward to, yet find it can be more stressful than even the hardest training day. I have this love /... Continue Reading →

Year of …… ???

This morning I went on a bike ride. I had exhausted my list of the very few people who can ride at 8am so looked like it was just me and the road... Of course that allowed me more time to be very slow in getting ready (tends to happen when I am on my... Continue Reading →

Love and Live with No Regrets

My dad's favorite "mantra". He believed it, but more importantly he lived it. I realized why I have been so "crazed" lately. Not because I am stressed about everything on my "to do list". Not because it's almost Christmas and there is still stuff to do. But because I am stressed about everything on my... Continue Reading →

“What is your goal today?”

I know, it's been a while since you have heard from me..... and this blog will be a little different. Because my life has changed. Let's just say the past 6 weeks were some of the most miserable I have ever had. My dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on March 2nd. On March 25th,... Continue Reading →

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