The Meaning of March

I have been meaning to write an Oceanside 70.3 race report for a few weeks now but since the page would basically be blank I had a hard time even putting my thoughts on paper (I dropped out a few days before the race… reluctantly). You see, ever since my father passed away a few... Continue Reading →


Year of …… ???

This morning I went on a bike ride. I had exhausted my list of the very few people who can ride at 8am so looked like it was just me and the road... Of course that allowed me more time to be very slow in getting ready (tends to happen when I am on my... Continue Reading →

Race to Alcatraz

You know that childhood question "who is your hero?". Well, my answer was always my dad. I am now trying to be his hero by combating the disease that took his life not long ago. My father was diagnosed on March 3rd with Multiple Myeloma (an incurable plasma cell cancer). He lost the battle a... Continue Reading →

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