I’ve had so many people ask that question “how’d it go?” and my answer has been “amazing”, and that’s mainly true.  It also begs the question - Can a race be amazing even though you aren’t satisfied?  🤷🏼‍♀️ So, here ya have it.  Deep thoughts from Nice.  🙂 5:30am.  Go to transition to make sure... Continue Reading →


Words from “Down Under” – 70.3 World Championships

Race report from Worlds 70.3…. I am at a total loss of words of how to even write this. I want to stay happy & cheerful, but – well – it wasn’t that kind of experience!!  I will try and just stay honest. Regardless, I will start with the positive – because there was a... Continue Reading →

Takeaways from Oceanside 70.3

It’s already been more than a week since crossing that finish line in Oceanside!!?  I "wrote" the race report in my head while biking that course (you have to think about something for 2 1/2 hours), yet it more or less erased the minute I crossed the finish line...  If only I could’ve put those... Continue Reading →

  Race report from IM Austin 70.3   My friend sent me a text the night before the race that said "Good luck tomorrow! Make the trip worth it!" (It had been a long week and the thought of “is it really worth this much effort” did enter my mind). Make the trip worth it.... Continue Reading →

Ragnar Ultra “Race” Report

And so our journey begins...  6 people.  One van. 2 days. 1 night. 200 miles. Didn't get a chance to read why I signed up for this mess?  Click Here. Let me begin by saying I couldn't have had a better team.   They were positive, fun, witty, competitive, smart, and - fast.  And when you... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of March

I have been meaning to write an Oceanside 70.3 race report for a few weeks now but since the page would basically be blank I had a hard time even putting my thoughts on paper (I dropped out a few days before the race… reluctantly). You see, ever since my father passed away a few... Continue Reading →


A few months back I was running with a group of friends when we started talking about races, 2014 goals, etc. etc. I told them about my plans to do St George 70.3 (quite excited might I add) and got taken back by the overwhelming response of "why?". Or "hope you like the wind" or... Continue Reading →

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